What Makes a Suburb a Suburb? Nobody Knows Real Estate
When it comes to making the call, the real estate pros say to just go with your gut.
Jul 25, 2022

For a while there, in the early days of 2020, it seemed like all anybody could talk about was the suburbs. The thinking was that cities were out and suburbs were in — and people were flocking to the ‘burbs in droves. It turned out that all those people were not, in fact, fleeing to places with spacious backyards permanently. It didn’t matter: the narrative had already been planted.

Is the grass really greener beyond city limits? I say that’s 100 percent subjective. But for those still curious about relocating to the tree-lined streets of suburbia in this era of remote work, Apartment Therapy has a slate of suburbs-themed stories in store. Spend this week perusing the pros and cons of making the move, and decide once and for all where you stand on the city vs. suburb debate.

— Madeline Bilis, Deputy Lifestyle Director

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