16 Colors to Complement Yellow for Your Home

updated Jun 27, 2023
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(Image credit: Anna Spaller)

What’s the perfect color for your home? Everyone has a color that’s just right for them (there’s even a color for each astrological sign!). Maybe yours is yellow. If you’ve never thought about decorating your home using yellow, you’re probably not alone. But we’re here to show you this color is seriously underrated. If you know the colors that compliment yellow, you can easily create the perfect look in your home.  

From smooth, sophisticated black to fun, vibrant green, and even super-romantic pink, there are lots of ways to incorporate yellow into your home without ending up with, well, a yellow home. 

Tips for Pairing Colors With Yellow

Keep on the sunny side of the street with these tips for decorating with yellow: 

  • Consider the space: All colors, especially bold ones like yellow, have the power to impact your mood. A bright shade might be perfect for a sunny living or dining room, but a muted hue might work better for the bedroom. 
  • Have fun: Playing with vibrant colors is a great way to show your personality through your decorating style. Don’t worry too much about matching — as you’ll see below, there are plenty of colors that pair perfectly with all shades of yellow! 
  • Shop vintage: While yellow is considered more of a statement color today, it was a staple in previous decades. From the mustard of the ‘70s to the pale butter of the ‘50s, past trends mean that your local antique store is likely overflowing with unique yellow pieces. 
(Image credit: Leanne Bertram)

1. Navy Blue and Yellow: Opposites Attract

All it takes is some accents like throw pillows and florals to prove that navy is one of the best colors that go with yellow. In this room from @homeedecor_222, bright yellow and navy blue work surprisingly well together. Choosing a blue that’s a bit on the somber side keeps your brain from immediately thinking of an IKEA store.

(Image credit: Viv Yapp)

2. Pale Pink and Yellow: Vintage Glam

This pretty at-home hair salon by @whats.ontheinside is decorated with a pretty combination of yellow and blush pink, proving this soft hue is totally one of the colors that go with yellow. We love how the fun cheetah print accents bring the space together. 

Credit: Andrew Bui

3. Eggplant Purple and Yellow: Regal Style

As complementary shades on the color wheel, purple and yellow were practically made for each other. Designer Maggie Griffin of Maggie Griffin Design, agrees and favors a pairing like the one in this Brooklyn studio.  “I’m a fan of mustard and aubergine, lemon and aqua, or daisy yellow and navy blue,” she says. “Each complementing color has happy, cooler tones that look fantastic with shades of yellow.” If you can’t decide whether you’re a warm or cool color person, try this kind of pair. You can have the best of both worlds.

4. Gray and Yellow: Cheerful and Balanced

This home by @art_code_design is decked in yellow and gray; you’ll get the same vibes as yellow and black, but with a more muted, relaxed feel. Yellow adds a touch of cheer while gray brings in the sophisticated aesthetic. 

(Image credit: Marisa Vitale)

5. Brown and Yellow: Pop of Color

This peaceful, pretty kitchen by @plainenglishkitchens totally nails the yellow and brown look, proving that brown should definitely be on the list of colors that go with yellow. Here, they cleverly painted a hutch yellow to make it pop against the brown walls in the background. White and black accents are the perfect finishing touch. 

6. Dark Red and Yellow: Playful Pairing

Red and yellow are within the same color family, so it makes sense that they’d work well together in a space. Take this Amsterdam home, for example, which masterfully pairs the two colors, with a simple red rug and matching side table that let the bold yellow sofas shine. To balance all the warm shades, try a neutral wall color and drapery in a hue like cool white or light gray.

(Image credit: Esteban Cortez)

7. Leaf Green and Yellow: Natural Vibrance

The bright green of the house plant completely pops next to a cozy bed complete with fluffy white bedding in this Bronx studio apartment. Bright yellow walls are the perfect complement to this vibrant color scheme. 

(Image credit: Natalie Jeffcott)

8. Black and Yellow: An Unexpected Pair

This zen-like Istanbul apartment is decorated in black and yellow. We love the use of such a bold color combination in a space that’s meant for relaxing; and it totally works. There are plenty of ways to use black as a color that goes with yellow without channeling bumblebee vibes. Simply add a third color (like the green house plants shown here) and keep accents to a minimum. 

(Image credit: Mackenzie Schieck)

9. Jewel Tones and Dark Yellow: Bohemian Bliss

This yellow bedroom is replete with deep, beautiful jewel tones. Seen in the dark purple pillows, aqua bedding, mustard-colored throw blanket, and even the bright pink dog bed, these lovely hues are all colors that go with yellow. To pull off this look, opt for a darker yellow tone, rather than a brighter one. 

Credit: Amanda Poe

10. Hot Pink and Mustard: Bright and Eclectic

Ever thought of hot pink as one of the colors that go with yellow? This eclectic San Francisco apartment proves that it does! We love the use of mustard-color pillows (a color that’s totally hot right now!) on the hot pink couch, and the soft yellow of the walls in the background. 

(Image credit: Anna Spaller)

11. Teal and Neon Yellow: Bold Energy

If you’re wondering whether teal is one of the colors that go with yellow, the answer is yes as long as you use a bright yellow, like in this Chicago loft.  

(Image credit: Home Depot)

12. White and Yellow: A Cool Classic

The classic color combination of white and yellow is always a favorite. Both colors give a clean, fresh vibe, and it’s totally possible to style this combination in a way that doesn’t look boring and washed out. Check it out in this room by @misweetcasa

13. Wood Tones and Yellow: Cozy Vibe 

Brown and yellow are a dynamic duo in this Boston dining room. A darker yellow hue takes center stage on the walls, while brown elements, also part of the warm color family, complement the space and create an earthy, inviting atmosphere. 

14. Dark Pink and Yellow: Bohemian Glam

A bold couch in this San Francisco home makes the case for thinking pink. Paired with various shades of yellow — ochre curtains, mustard artwork, and a buttery seat cushion on the accent chair, this color duo is a bright, lively addition to the home. Try a wallpaper design with similar shades to seamlessly tie your decor together.

Credit: Eric Zepeda

15. Dark Yellow and Light Yellow: All Yellow Everything 

A California home proves sometimes more is more with a monochromatic yellow look. The cheery bedroom walls and drapery are a lighter shade, while the bedding and bedside tables are slightly darker hues and closer in color to mustard. Some variety in shades and textures keep the scheme from feeling snoozy. For additional visual interest, try adding elements like black-and-white striped lamps, which introduce a high-contrast finish that’ll pop in the space. 

16. Burnt Orange, Dusty Rose, and Yellow: Ray of Sunshine

“Yellow also shines when surrounded by its fellow sunrise and sunset hues—unified gradations of color provide balance without sacrificing impact,” Von Dreele explains. Take a look at this bedroom to see this design theory at play. Shades of yellow bring a welcoming warmth to the walls and bedding, while burnt orange and rosy details tie the look together with ease. To avoid overdoing this somewhat monochromatic color palette, try introducing other finishes to the space, like the wooden nightstands and shelves here. Of course, plants never hurt in the mix either.