This TikTok Couple Shares Hilarious Skits of Common (and Very Relatable) Roommate Problems

published Apr 21, 2021
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Credit: Ivo de Bruijn/Stocksy

Living with a roommate has its ups and downs. Some days, you might find yourself wondering, is it really worth saving those extra dollars on the rent each month to put up with the constant dirty dishes left in the sink?

Taking to TikTok, roommates and couple Jake and Jenny create hilarious short skits that highlight the everyday problems we face when living with someone else. Posting under the handle @lazyjakeandjenny, the duo have summed up the account with the bio “Chose TikTok over couple’s therapy. Like/follow so we don’t have to break up!”

Each video that is shared with their over 20K following features the same TV news format, debating a particular issue faced when living with a roommate — from frustration over keeping the lights on to leaving the smallest amount of milk in the fridge. There are currently eight “episodes” posted to the account, with each receiving tens of thousands views and likes that proves it relatability.

The most popular clip, which was posted on April 11, depicts a common problem amongst roommates — leaving empty toiletry bottles in the bathroom. Currently watched over 600K times, the video begins with Jake “in the studio”, announcing Apartment News Tonight’s top story. “Our top story tonight — a new development in the ongoing fight over the shower’s infamous bottle district,” he said. “For more, we go to Jenny on the scene.”

The video then cuts to Jenny, who is standing in the couple’s shower and announces that the bottles have just been granted “protective landmark status”. “What does this mean for the other residents who are trying to clean up the area for other use?” Jake asked. “Means they can suck it, Jake,” Jenny hilariously replied. 

The couple then debate over the matter, with Jenny claiming that nearly all of the bottles contain a small amount of shampoo residue. “When mixed with fresh shower water, you get bonus shampoo.” Jenny said. The viral video has attracted over 700 comments, with many applauding the couple on their unique and creative account.

Sadly for fans, a cryptic video captioned “The end?” was posted last week, which may signifies that the videos may have run their course. Jenny is notably absent from the video, with Jake covering her “abduction” as the video’s “top story”. “It was just last Tuesday that Jake returned home to find Jenny had been abducted, along with all her clothing and personal property,” Jake explained. “Also found at the scene were Jenny’s set of apartment keys, carefully placed on the kitchen counter.”

The video ends with Jake saying: “I hate to ask but have we considered, at all, the possibility that Jenny was not kidnapped and did, in fact, leave us?” Fans have taken to the comments to ask for answers, all hoping for more content from the pair. “This better be a joke cuz I already made myself the third person in the relationship,” one watcher said.

Although no update yet, we can only hope that Jenny and Jake return to TikTok with more relatable content soon.