I’ve Tested a Dozen Bath Mats, and My Hands-Down Favorite Is This $26 Version That Doesn’t Get Grimy or Gross

updated Mar 4, 2024
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A bathroom vanity with round weave laundry baskets placed underneath and a bathtub beside it

Much like shower treads and towel hooks, bath mats are an underappreciated bathroom must-have. They serve an important function, and at times, they’re even beautiful decor. Yet with all its many purposes, choosing the right bath mat can be a challenge. There are tons of shapes and styles on the market, and depending on what you’re looking for, shopping for bath mats can be as challenging as picking out an area rug!

Fortunately, AT editors have already done the hard work for you by testing a wide variety of bath mats to let you know which ones are totally worth it. I tried the Company Cotton Turkish Cotton Bath Mat from The Company Store without any expectations, and I was thoroughly impressed. In fact, it even earned the top slot on our Best List for a budget-friendly bathroom find. I can say with full certainty that it well worth the applause.

What is the Company Cotton Turkish Cotton Bath Mat?

The Company Cotton Turkish Cotton Bath Mat is pretty straightforward, reminding me of the towel-like bath mats you get in hotel rooms but softer and more plush. It’s made from 100% long-staple cotton to prevent shedding, and it has dobby-stripe details on both ends that jazz it up a bit. Though it’s low maintenance and simple, the bath mat is available in an impressive 19 colors from neutrals to bold and bright hues. Since these beauties cost just $26 (and as low as $18 on sale), you can easily pick up a handful to rotate out to change of the look of your bathroom. It’s a tried-and-true bestseller that you can even have personalized with embroidery for a housewarming or moving gift.

Why I Love the Company Cotton Turkish Cotton Bath Mat

When it comes to performance, the Company Cotton Bath Mat is incredibly absorbent, which I actually discovered by accident. After showering and leaving for work one morning, I returned home to find that the shower head had been dripping the entire day. When I walked back into the bathroom many hours later, the Turkish cotton bath mat was soaked… but my floor was shockingly dry. If that bath mat hadn’t been there, I would have ended up pulling all of my towels out of the closet to sop up the mess. That was the “aha!” moment that makes me stand by this bath mat to this day.

The Company Store’s Turkish cotton mat is proof that household accessories don’t need to be expensive to be effective. If you’re looking for a low-cost bath mat that you can easily grab for every bathroom in your home — or multiples to swap out between washes — trust me, this is the one.

Buy: Company Cotton Turkish Cotton Bath Mat, $26