I’ve Tested Dozens of Side Sleeper Pillows — This Is the Only One That Keeps Me Cool and Comfortable All Night

published Jul 8, 2024
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Woman sleeping in her bed in the morning
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For the longest time, I never knew that there were pillows made for side sleepers. In my mind, a pillow was a pillow, so it couldn’t possibly matter which position you slept; you simply had to find the one that felt the best. Oh, how wrong I was. Since joining the team here at Apartment Therapy back in 2020, I’ve become well acquainted with the many different kinds of pillows out there, especially side sleeper pillows (something younger me wishes happened much sooner.) As a side sleeper myself, over the years I took on the challenge of researching, trialing, and testing numerous side sleeper options on the hunt for the ultimate find.

You name it, I’ve tried it: From plush pillows designed to provide proper support no matter which position you find yourself in to curved pillows made specifically with side sleepers in mind, I’ve laid my head upon dozens at this point. And while I’ve definitely come across some impressive finds, nothing compares with my most recent discovery: the EdenCool+ Cut-Out Adjustable Pillow

What is the EdenCool+ Cut-Out Adjustable Pillow?

Designed to help hot side sleepers finally get the sleep of their dreams, the EdenCool+ Cut-Out Adjustable Pillow comes with a bunch of features that make it a stellar find. That includes a cool-touch cover and heat-wicking inner liner; a ventilated phase change gel memory foam layer that transfers heat away from the body; and a Oomph™ Cool+ fill that’s breathable and removable for easy personalization. 

But perhaps the most important design feature is the shape. While it does have a shape that looks similar to other side-sleeper pillows, it’s actually different in that it has a cut-out shape. You see, most side sleeper pillows typically have a crescent-shaped bottom, which helps cradle the neck but in turn creates a wide gap between your head and the pillow. With this cut-out shape, you’ll find you have more space to comfortably (and properly) support your head and neck. 

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Why I Love EdenCool+ Cut-Out Adjustable Pillow

As a side sleeper who also sleeps extremely hot, I was immediately intrigued by this pillow. However, it was the cut-out shape that completely sold me on it. If anyone were to ask me what my biggest gripe with traditional side sleeper pillows was, without hesitation, I would talk about the aforementioned gap that occurs with crescent-shaped pillows. So, when I saw that this pillow was designed to combat this, I immediately knew it needed to be tested. 

After unboxing it, I let the pillow air out a couple of hours before use (it needs a moment to fluff up as it features a fiber and memory foam blend). Immediately, however, I noticed just how cool to the touch it was, something that made me only more excited to test it later that night. As I laid my head on the pillow, I felt a smile creep across my face. This pillow was different. Without any intervention on my part, it was already at the perfect height (no adjusting needed!) and it was icy cold — on par with my favorite cooling pillow, in fact. But the best part was as I moved to my side there it was — that extra pillow space I have been looking for for so long in a side sleeper pillow. Finally my neck and head were cool, cradled, and comfortable. And before you ask, yes, I woke up the next morning with no neck pain. Reader, I’ve finally found it: the perfect cooling side sleeper pillow.

Coming in at $149, the EdenCool+ Cut-Out Adjustable Pillow is definitely an investment purchase. However, if there’s one area of your life you should be investing in, it’s sleep. (We do spend a third of our lives sleeping!) Plus, can you really put a price on sleeping cool, supported, and waking up free of neck pain? I think not. 

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