It’s Time to Enter Your Farm Era Because Costco Now Sells Chicken Coops

published May 10, 2024
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Credit: robbin lee

If you’ve been sucked into the homesteading movement on social media, then the thought of raising chickens has probably crossed your mind. Taking care of livestock is a big investment, but if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, you’ll find that chickens make great pets and you probably won’t go back to store-bought eggs ever again. If you needed another sign to enter your farm era, Costco now has a starter chicken coop on sale right now for under $440.

“I spotted a chicken house at Costco. Now if only I could get my HOA on board,” Laura from the Costco Hot Finds Instagram account said in a video. “This has two nesting bays, a free-range door, and a PVC roof [and] it has an eight chicken capacity.”

In the caption Laura added, “This was so cute and after some research, confirmed an excellent deal!”

“Well now I want that,” one person commented on Laura’s post. Another said, “Now I need chickens.”

The coop is just over six feet long and about six feet wide, which commenters say can fit eight smaller hens. But, in reality, you’ll probably only want to keep two or three chickens inside at a time so they have plenty of space to comfortably move around. Other experienced chicken owners say that this is an ideal starter coop. You’ll probably have to upgrade when your hens reach laying age, but it works well for a small number of young chickens.

The same coop is selling at Tractor Supply for just under $700, so this Costco sale is definitely a steal.

A few people in the comments had another brilliant idea on how to use this chicken coop. “You say chicken coop … I say catio!!!” one person commented, with others chiming in. And they’re right! Any indoor cat would love to spend the afternoon in this enclosure.

Priced at $432.99, you can finally start your own little backyard farm and watch it flourish.