These Organic Bowl Covers Protect My Produce and Still Look Cute

published Jun 21, 2022
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Credit: Cathy Pyle

Coyuchi is a modern legend when it comes to linens. They’re a brand of organic, comfortable, beautiful, and consistent Best List winners. So, when it decided to try its hand at kitchen utility linens, recently launching a small range of food storage solutions such as produce and snack bags, it was somewhat surprising. I had to put them to the test, so I purchased Coyuchi’s newly-launched set of Conserve Organic Bowl Covers, and surprise quickly turned to delight.

Up against the fast-growing industry of reusable food storage, plastic wrap’s days are numbered. Now, it’s just about finding the right type of reusable solution that works best for you, your home, food, and environment. For me, it’s officially these Coyuchi bowl covers. Read any number of my love letters to home essentials and you’ll find I’m shamelessly an aesthetics-first type of person. When it comes to food storage, this has ruled out some plastic lidded containers along with Saran wrap and foil. Of course, it still has to work, which then ruled out some beeswax wraps and fancifully wrapping leftovers in wax paper and twine. I needed something fortifying but also ventilating, and Coyuchi’s 100 percent cotton bowl covers are just that.

Not only do I use them to cover bowls of freshly washed berries and vegetables I want to graze on throughout the day, which allows the produce to air dry while staying protected from bugs and bacteria, I also use the bowl covers while baking. They’re how I cover my rising dough, keep phyllo dough moist while assembling pastries (I just spritz the cover with water), and allow sourdough starter to breathe just enough to get started. The covers are also reversible, so I can color code my baking projects or different bowls of goodies and always know what’s under which bowl.

The set of comes with three different size bowl covers, each being reversible in your choice between two color combinations and made from 100 percent organic cotton. They’re machine-washable to boot, but it’s not recommended to use dryer sheets or fabric softener when washing them as these reduce the absorbency of the cotton over time (something to keep in mind for all your linens!). If you’re looking for a new kind of reusable food storage solution that works, is easy to use and maintain, and looks good doing it, Coyuchi’s Conserve Organic Bowl Covers are it.