The Game-Changing (and Money-Saving!) Amazon Find That Extends the Life of My Produce

published Apr 21, 2022
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Credit: Jennifer Brister/Stocksy

Full disclosure: I’ve recently gotten hooked on refrigerator organization. Before, when I needed to put away produce or leftovers, I would grab whatever container I could find and throw it onto a shelf without a care. But once I started incorporating lazy Susans and storage bins into my fridge, my outlook changed. I began to think smarter about how to store things in my kitchen to maximize the limited space available to me. Nesting bowls and can organizers have always been game changers in my pantry, but I needed a container for my fridge that not only saved space but kept food fresh as well. The Lille Home Stackable Food Organizer Bins on Amazon initially caught my eye because of their chic good looks, but I soon discovered that they’re so much more than just pretty.

Since I have a slim refrigerator that gets cluttered easily, the narrow build of the Lille Home Containers was instantly appealing. I also liked that there are small, medium, and large options that stack together or work separately as needed. The main compartment of each container is made from clear, food-grade plastic that’s both freezer and dishwasher safe, another MAJOR plus. Inside, the smaller bins have drain trays, while the large size features produce bins for rinsing grapes and berries — all of which are conveniently removable. Last but not least, stretchy silicone bands help keep the containers airtight.

I first fell in love with these containers when I used them to store extra romaine lettuce from a HelloFresh lettuce wraps recipe. I removed the bins from the large container, replaced them with the drain trays from the smaller ones, and popped the leaves into the container and the fridge until I was ready to eat them.  More than a week passed before I remembered the lettuce was there (oops!), and even still, the leaves were crisp, green, and edible when I went back to them. But despite the name, these Lille Home Produce Containers are handy for more than just fruits and veggies. The drain trays can help keep meat out of thaw water, and removing the trays and bins altogether makes the containers perfectly suitable for leftovers.

Credit: Britt Franklin

And when I am not using these storage containers? They stack together neatly and compactly in my cabinet — another bonus for small-space dwellers. If your kitchen is on the modest side in terms of square footage, I have a hunch you’ll love them just as much as I do.

Buy: Lille Home Stackable Containers, $25.19 (normally $27.99)