Splurge or Save: Should You Buy These $390 Oprah-Approved Cooling Sheets or the $185 Alternative?

updated May 3, 2024
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Credit: Photos: Cozy Earth, SIJO; Design: Apartment Therapy

Welcome back to Splurge or Save, the series in which we compare two editor-tested and loved products that serve the same purpose but retail for different prices. In one of our previous installments, we focused on linen sheets, a timely bedding category now that summer is around the corner. You’ll want to make sure your bed is fully equipped to handle the hot temperatures that are about to hit, whether that means investing in a cooling mattress, angling a fan toward your preferred bedside, or swapping out your flannel sheets for something more breathable. But we get that not everyone is a fan of linen. If you’re not partial to the wrinkled aesthetic and textured material, you can opt for plenty of other viable bedding materials. For this installment, we’ve decided to look at two editor-favorite cooling sheet sets, both made of different materials but both effective at achieving the desired effect. The question is, should you go with the more expensive option?

We’ve tested so many sheet sets, it’s become difficult to keep track of all of them. But two stand out as being among the best ones for the warmer months. Specifically, we’ll be comparing Cozy Earth’s Bamboo Sheet Set, which retails for $389 for a queen bed, to Sijo’s AiryWeight Eucalyptus Sheet Set, which retails for $185 for a queen bed. Keep reading to learn whether we think you should splurge or save.

Credit: Photos: Cozy Earth, SIJO; Design: Apartment Therapy

Cozy Earth vs. Sijo

Any time our staffers are in the market for new bedding, we make a beeline for these two brands. You might know Cozy Earth as the company that has topped Oprah’s “Favorite Things” list multiple times. It’s also notoriously splurgy, regardless of whether you’re shopping for comforters or bath towels. Like Cozy Earth, Sijo prioritizes high-quality bedding made using sustainable practices and responsible methods. In the past, we’ve raved about the brand’s pillows, duvets, and pajamas, so it makes sense that we would love its sheets just as much. But should you opt for Cozy Earth’s $389 cooling sheets or save with Sijo’s $185 alternative?

Overview of Cozy Earth’s Bamboo Sheet Set

You might be wondering how good a sheet set could be to warrant a nearly $400 price tag. When AT Commerce Editor Britt first tried Cozy Earth’s bamboo sheets, however, she said she’d never tried anything that felt like them before. “Up until that point, I’d been super skeptical about these pricey sheets, as one who grew up in a frugal household can be, but I knew right away that these had a high probability of changing my life,” she wrote in her review. “Cozy Earth’s sheets are buttery soft, impressively cooling, and so smooth that they slip through your fingers like silk.”

Indeed, bamboo bedding is known for its cooling capabilities. This particular set is made of 100% premium viscose from bamboo fabric, meaning it regulates body temperature like nobody’s business. Britt also noted that the sheets are moisture-wicking, so you can rest easy knowing you won’t wake up with your clothes sticking to your body or your pillow covered in sweat. That said, what really sets the Cozy Earth sheets apart from most other sets is how soft they are.

“The softness and smoothness stayed consistent every single night, and I was blown away,” Britt noted. “I thought it was too good to be true, even convincing myself that washing the sheets would diminish them somehow, but no … They only got better!” In other words, you don’t have to worry that these cooling sheets will somehow feel stiff, grainy, or scratchy the way some linen sheets might. Instead, these feel like “sleeping in heaven,” according to one Cozy Earth reviewer. Additionally, the sheets are designed to have a nice drape and slightly oversized fit, so even if they shrink a bit in the wash, they’ll still fit your mattress afterward. In fact, they can fit mattresses up to 20 inches thick!

In addition to feeling great, Cozy Earth bedding also looks undeniably luxe. The bamboo sheets will hold up splendidly amid daily use without pilling, and they come in 14 beautiful, earthy tones. “I love them so much that I want to pick up the Clay and Walnut colors so that when one set is in the wash, I can just replace them with another from my linen closet,” Britt wrote. “I actually miss them when they’re gone!” We have a feeling you’ll agree once you try them for yourself.

Overview of Sijo’s AiryWeight Eucalyptus Sheet Set

Sijo has two different bamboo sheet sets of its own, but if there’s one set from the brand we prefer above all others, it’s the AiryWeight eucalyptus sheet set. It’s made from TENCEL Lyocell, aka sustainably sourced eucalyptus wood that’s similarly known for its cooling and moisture-wicking properties. As its name suggests, Sijo’s AiryWeight bedding line is specifically designed to be at once breathable and weighty. As a result, you’ll feel cozy and snuggled without overheating during the night.

Deputy Commerce Editor Alicia certainly found that to be the case when she tested the sheets, noting in her review that “When I woke up, I was totally sweat-free. The pillowcase had even kept my head and the back of my neck dry overnight. TLDR — these are my holy grail sheets and they are only coming off my bed for washing this summer.”

Like Cozy Earth’s bamboo sheets, these eucalyptus sheets are supremely soft, but they also have a silky texture and slight sheen that makes them feel more expensive than they are. “I’ve always avoided silk sheets because I was worried about slipping around on them, but these Sijo sheets strike the balance between luxurious and soft,” Alicia added.

You’ll also be happy to learn that the AiryWeight sheets are available in eight pretty colors and that you can opt out of purchasing a flat sheet. We think hot sleepers will especially love this option; plus, without the flat sheet, a queen-size set retails for just $110. The sheets are also antimicrobial and OEKO-TEX certified, so they’re great for people who suffer from asthma and/or allergies. You can rest assured that your sinuses will stay clear all night long with this silky sheet set on your bed.

The Verdict

As much as we love Cozy Earth, we would recommend saving your $200 in this case and going with Sijo’s sheets. The only scenario we could imagine in which you might not like the AiryWeight sheets is if you’re not a fan of silky bedding. But even then, this is the set that would make you a convert thanks to its slip-proof design.

The truth is, no matter how many cooling sheet sets we test, the Sijo eucalyptus sheet set is one we’ll always come back to; it has topped our lists of the best home essentials of 2023 and the best editor-tested bedding — and for no small reason. Especially now with summer on the horizon, this is the set to snag if you want your bed to feel as light and breathable as possible.

What’s more, anytime we have the option to forego a flat sheet, we’ll take it. If your linen closet is stacked with blankets, duvets, and other sheets, we’re confident that you’ll appreciate this, too. And, you can’t underestimate the Sijo sheets’ hypoallergenic nature, even if you don’t have allergies. Their ability to resist dust, mites, and mold can only count as a benefit no matter what kind of sleeper you are. Regardless of whether you’re reading this article during a summer month, we suggest snagging your AiryWeight Eucalyptus sheets ASAP. It’s a foolproof bedding purchase you won’t regret.

Buy: Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set, Queen, $291.75 (normally $389)
Buy: Sijo AiryWeight Eucalyptus Sheet Set, Queen, $166.50 (normally $185)