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4 Things “No One Gets Out Alive” Star Cristina Rodlo Keeps On Her Nightstand, and One Thing She Definitely Doesn’t

published Oct 12, 2021
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Credit: Daniel Prakopcyk

Our nightstand setup says a lot about how we like to end the day and start another. What’s On My Nightstand asks celebrities, entrepreneurs, and beyond what essentials they like to keep within arm’s reach. 

When it comes to her nightstand, Cristina Rodlo — who stars in the new Netflix horror film “No One Gets Out Alive” — keeps things fairly simple. The actress fills the surface and drawers with basic essentials that she really needs. By maintaining a minimal stash, she’s able to “bring” her nightstand wherever her next film takes her.

Rodlo took Apartment Therapy through her bedside items, plus what her fictional character Ambar would keep in and on her own nightstand.

Red bracelet from her mom:  “Every day, I wear a bracelet that my mom gave me, but I cannot sleep with anything on. I always take it off [and put it] on my nightstand. The next morning, the first thing that I do is put it on. It’s a red bracelet with a saint. My mom is Catholic, and she gave me that for protection. Even if I’m not Catholic, I’m going to wear it.” 

Whatever book she’s currently reading: “I just finished a book called ‘Nothing‘ [‘Nada’ in Spanish], it’s from a Spanish writer.”

Dream notebook: “I always have a notebook with me because I used to write a lot when I was younger. I still write a lot, but everything is on my laptop. I always keep my notebook pretending that I’m going to write in it again with my pen, but it never happens. It ends up in my nightstand, and I think I’m going to wake up and be like yeah, I’m going to write my dream! I always forget.”

A candle: “I light a candle to help me relax.”

Things to avoid putting on the nightstand: “I have two phones because I have my Mexican phone and my American phone. I try to put one away because I usually use my American phone more for work, so I try to keep that one next to me because I don’t have Instagram or Twitter on it. That way, I’m not looking [at social media] at night.”

What Ambar from “No One Gets Out Alive” would have on her nightstand: When the director, Santiago Menghini, saw my bracelet, he was like, ‘Oh my god! I want something very similar.’ So we made one for Ambar. What she would have in her nightstand is the bracelet, and her phone so she would hear the last message she received from her mom, she would listen to that message.”