Some of the Best Decluttering Projects We Saw That Kicked Off 2023 a Little More Organized

published Feb 27, 2023
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Left: kids' closet that's unorganized, slightly messy. Right: same closet after being decluttered and organized

The beginning of the year can be the ideal time to set new goals and get your home in order. But it’s one thing to make the plans for change and another to see it actually come to fruition. A great example of seeing this happen was during Apartment Therapy’s annual January Cure, where so many people got into the spirit of cleaning, organizing, and revamping their spaces.

As one of Apartment Therapy’s longest and most beloved traditions, it was such a treat to see new and returning Cure participants have amazing conversations with one another (like in our Facebook group!) and share their progress, including some of their own before and after transformations.

From drawer reorganizations to decluttered closets, here’s just a few favorites we spotted and hope inspires you if you’re looking to make a change, too.

Clear Everything Under the Kitchen Sink

Sam Scheib took the time to tackle her own clutter problem area: under the kitchen sink, where she keeps cleaning products and different sized garbage bags to fit the various trash cans she has around the home. “There are not too many items there but it’s a mess,” says Sam. “After I cleared it out I discovered either dead bugs or mouse poop. We caught (humanely and alive) a mouse on Christmas Eve and released it in the woods away from homes. I’m hoping there are no other mice guests and that I don’t find any other mice droppings.”

This Sweet and Simple Drawer Organization

At the start of the January Cure, we began with an easy and straightforward task: declutter a drawer — or any spot really — in 15 minutes. It’s such a simple one, but it really helps build momentum. Kate Campbell was given a drawer organizing system over the holidays (a thoughtful gift idea) and put it to great use with this drawer. Now, she feels like she needs to “tackle ALL of the drawers in the house.”

Say Goodbye to Paper Clutter

Riya Ortiz took the first day task of decluttering a drawer and decided to work on a paper file box in the foyer that held receipts, bills, used masks, printed work files, and more. “It’s that time of the year again when I purge and declutter around the apartment and go back to my minimalist roots,” shares Riya. “It’s my third year of doing the January Cure and I find it a great way to set the tone for the upcoming year.” Riya scanned and shredded most of the paper files, resulting in a cleaner bin and no more paper clutter.

A Beautiful Closet Cleanout

As part of the closet cleanout day, Stephanie Deni took this opportunity to help her daughter. “My 9-year-old daughter wants to rearrange her room this weekend. So we started with her closet … high on the priority list is finding space for all her books and creating a reading nook,” shares Stephanie. “In 30 minutes we were able to clean out her shoes, her dress up section, and clear two shelves for the basement to fill with books. We’re going to work on the upper section tomorrow.”

Stephanie reached out and shared that since then, they’ve updated her reading nook, which now has a canopy. They used this closet organizer for the space, as well as a floor cushion for the reading nook. “I’m really proud of my daughter, Fiona, it’s been a month since we January Cured her bedroom and she now takes a lot of pride in her space and has kept it pretty tidy for a 9 year old.” 

Stay tuned for our next cure program: the Spring Cleaning Cure, launching in April, that’ll help you get one step closer to a cleaner home in just 10 days! And, if you’re feeling inspired by these projects, consider sharing your own before-and-after projects here.