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How I Created the Viral Disco Ball Light Effect in My Bedroom for Just $10

published Mar 10, 2022
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Living room credenza with books, disco ball, and vase of flowers on top

It’s safe to say that disco balls have taken over interiors. They’re in bedrooms, kitchens, and even bathrooms. Seeing how sunshine reflects off a disco ball’s metallic surface, filling rooms with the most magical dappled light, I can’t help but love the effect. In fact, I love it so much that I (accidentally) duped the look myself — without a disco ball — for just $10.

It all started when I was watching popular fashion and lifestyle creator Ashley Rous’ NYC apartment tour a few years ago. Rous is a master of aesthetics, from her outfits to her home, so I was taking notes — especially since I was moving into a new apartment soon. At one point, she showed these little glassy orbs hanging from her window. They almost looked like crystals — and that’s what really caught my attention.

Those “glassy orbs,” as I referred to them at the time, refracted sunlight that came through her window so that dots of rainbow light appeared throughout her room. Sounds dreamy, right? Well, it looks even dreamier. I was itching to get my hands on them but was a little wary of the cost. Those crystal-looking orbs might have a crystal-like price tag, after all. But it turned out they were actually suncatchers — and to my great relief and joy, they were just $10 on Amazon.

Credit: Shagun Khare

I quickly clicked “add to cart” and got to work with my new room accessory. The suncatchers already have a hole drilled through and come with fishing wire, which made them super easy to hang. (I personally tied them to Command hooks above my window for a renter-friendly option.) And, voila! Every afternoon from that day forward, a sea of sparkly rainbow light would flood my room — as long as it was sunny out, of course. Even on gloomy days, though, they still have magic to offer: The fishing wire is practically translucent, so it looks like the suncatchers are floating, suspended in midair. 

Credit: Shagun Khare

If this all sounds a bit fantastical and woo-woo, it’s because that’s kind of how I see it. During the pandemic, I wanted my room to feel like an escape from the world. And these suncatchers created just that. Each rainbow dot of light was a dose of joy that I was happy to accept. My bet is that this is the appeal of the disco ball buzz, too.

Credit: Shagun Khare

Still, I don’t think I’ll be trading out my “glassy orbs” for a disco ball anytime soon. I like that my suncatchers are small enough to move around with me, that they create a rainbow hue instead of a white hue, and that the scattered light is the star of the show. It never fails to wow my friends when they come over, and even after two years, I still get wowed by the dreamy vibe myself.

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