If You Spot This Must-Have $2 Gem at Dollar Tree, Grab 1 for Every Room

published Mar 17, 2024
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Dollar Tree Discount Store. Dollar Tree offers an eclectic mix of products for a dollar.
Credit: Shutterstock/Jonathan Weiss

Whenever I’m in the market for new home organizers, I often find myself in a state of analysis paralysis, which looks like me standing in an aisle for way too long and comparing the items in my hands. The goal is always to secure functional, aesthetic, and affordable options, but asking for all three can feel overly ambitious.

Thankfully, Dollar Tree cracked the code and provides some of the best bang-for-your-buck home organization products around — and shoppers cannot contain their excitement about the new highly versatile cereal container that’s been spotted on shelves. Perfect for decluttering, this storage gem takes the guesswork out of pantry organization and beyond!

The $2 organizer is 3.8 liters (16 cups) and meets all my criteria. It’s totally efficient, maximizing shelf and counter space with its narrow dimensions. The lid has a sleek design that easily pops up and down for pouring purposes. If you buy more than one, they can be stashed all over the kitchen to store other kitchen staples, like pasta, small cookies, and pet food. If you’re feeling extra creative, try using this organizer to hold bathroom items (bath salts, hair ties), craft supplies (yarn, art tools), and backyard essentials (soil nutrients, bird seed) too. 

This Dollar Tree organizer is also on-trend — you can’t go wrong with a clear container and a white lid, which makes it satisfying and easy to admire it on your shelf while also monitoring the contents. If you’re a fan of labels, you can also grab Dollar Tree’s white or chalkboard stickers. This price for a multi-purpose home organizer is hard to beat. And, did I mention it’s a steal?

At the moment, the Dollar Tree cereal containers are only available in-store, but if you can’t make it there, these oval containers on the Dollar Tree website are a close second, especially if you need to buy in bulk to organize your kitchen and pantry. 

If you’d rather shop online and only need a few organizers, check out Walmart’s Mainstays small food dispenser, which costs a few dollars more. It’s the same size as the Dollar Tree pick, but it has a slightly frosted exterior that you can write on for easy organization. Plus, you can get it delivered right to your door. 

Whichever organizer you choose, let us know how it works in your space in the comments below.