This Luxe $29 Makeup Bag Has Been My Favorite Travel Purchase (It’s a Bestseller!)

published May 26, 2024
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overhead shot of a person folding a floral shirt in suitcase that's on a bed with blue and white checkered sheets with other clothes and accessories surrounding the suitcase
Credit: Photo: Christopher Testani; Prop Styling: Carla Gonzalez-Hart

Until I abandoned my favorite cocktail dress in an El Paso hotel closet by mistake, I never thought twice about how I organized my travel supplies. While I’ve learned to use a detailed packing list to ease my travel anxiety, my main focus involved cramming as many items as possible into my suitcase without violating airline restrictions. Upon arrival I’d rummage through my belongings as needed, sparing no time for organizing. Inevitably when departure time rolled around, packing up became a nightmare … and that’s how you forget a dress. 

To remedy my habitual disorderly travel habits, I started by assessing my gear. I switched to a soft case carry-on with plenty of compartments and easy access to the inner contents — perfect for keeping my stuff sorted and within reach. Next, I hopped aboard the viral Cadence customized travel capsule bandwagon, ensuring clearly labeled and grouped products. Lastly, I searched for a replacement for my bottomless pit of a cosmetic bag Dopp kit.

Influencers and TikTokers have no shortage of makeup bags to hawk, and their recommendations inevitably led me to Amazon. A quick search populates options for every sensibility, from the professional makeup artist to the novice (aka me). Scrolling through the options, I kept my eyes peeled for a bag with multiple compartments that can open flat to fully display contents, not unlike a tray of surgical equipment or an artist’s paintbrush rollup. 

I was delighted to come across the best-selling EACHY Travel Makeup Bag, and that delight turned to abject elation upon delivery. First, I simply must highlight the bag’s accessibility. The zipper expands diagonally across the pouch, allowing the bag to fully open and display both main compartments. It lays perfectly flat against the counter, which is my preference — I love the bird’s eye view of all my supplies in one place. 

The built-in and removable partitions offer storage for smaller or delicate items, like bobby pins, daily medications, and jewelry. Sewn-in elastic bands secure lipsticks, brushes, serums, or beauty blenders. Side pockets store items of similar categories. 

Credit: Sarah Magnuson

In particular, the capacity of the EACHY bag must be celebrated. This single travel bag does the work of my previous cosmetic bag, jewelry holder, and first aid essentials. With all of these supplies stored in one location, both physical and logistical clutter is eliminated, and I’m better able to keep tabs on my personal effects. I have the function and familiarity of my at-home makeup organization on the road. 

Function is great, but aesthetics matter, too. Happily, the EACHY bag boasts over 25 options to spotlight your sense of style. I selected the large white option, which has resisted stains and marks thus far through all my recent travels … a triumph! More options, like black and faux leather, are available as well as luxurious checkered and quilted varieties. What more could you ask for?

With an affordable price point and a sophisticated look, this makeup bag changed my travel game, and I couldn’t be happier!

Buy: EACHY Travel Makeup Bag, $28.99 (normally $32.99)