These 9 English Country-Inspired Homes Will Transport You to the Countryside (Instantly!)

published May 20, 2024
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When you think of the English countryside, you probably think of wide-open spaces with florals and verdant green fields. Maybe you think of coming in from the rain and resting in an overstuffed easy chair with a good book and a steaming cup of tea (maybe it was even heated on one of these electric kettles!). But even if you don’t live near a grassy field, those feelings can be conjured and reflected in your home when you choose to decorate your space with English country decor. Keep reading to see nine homes — in various locations — that are styled with this theme. 

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What Are the Features of English Country Decor? 

The English country style is all about easy elegance. Comfort is king here, but this aesthetic manages to look pulled-together and stately, too, rather than sloppy or overdone. It’s unlike the farmhouse style, which tends to lean toward a cleaner or more rustic appearance (depending on how it’s done), and it’s not quite cottagecore either, although the two styles are quite similar. 

If you’re wondering what’s the difference between English country and cottagecore (which, by the way, is still wildly popular in its own right), think of English country as decor that might be found in an English manor house and cottagecore as the decor choice for a smaller cottage. English country is ever so slightly more formal and traditional, while cottagecore is casual and relaxed. 

How to Decorate in an English Country Style

You can bring a touch of the English countryside into just about any living space — no matter how big or small, casual or formal. If you’re fortunate enough to have a stone fireplace, use this as the anchor point for your English country-style room and build around it. Even if you don’t, here are some of the following features of the English country aesthetic. 

  • Muted colors, like soft pinks, greens, or other pastels
  • Plenty of florals and greenery
  • Overstuffed, upholstered furniture
  • Mixed patterns (such as florals with plaid or stripes)
  • Layered textiles (such as several throw pillows and a blanket on an armchair)
  • Stacks of books
  • Antiques and other vintage finds
  • Plenty of seating

9 Home Tours with English Country Decor

It doesn’t matter where you live — whether it’s a metropolitan city or out in the country — you can achieve English country decor in any environment. These nine beautiful homes prove that and each embody the warm, cozy-but-elegant ambiance of English country style. 

This Home in Rural England Is a Beautiful, Dreamy Farmhouse

This beautiful home in Beaumont, England, is owned by Wendy and Finley Beaumont, where they live with their two young daughters and their adorable pup. While the home largely follows a farmhouse look, there’s also a decidedly English countryside vibe. 

Throughout the home, warm but neutral paint colors abound and pop against natural wood accents (like flooring, furniture, and those fantastic exposed beams in the kitchen). If there were a minimalist English country decor, this home would embody that aesthetic perfectly. In the living room, an overstuffed upholstered couch is adorned with mix-and-match throw pillows and a cozy blanket. Greenery and a fiber rug lend a countryside feel to the space. 

Visit the full home tour to see more of this gorgeous space. 

This Former “Basic White Box” Now Has Moody, English Countryside Vibes

This 700-square-foot New York City apartment is the home of photographer Jacqueline Clair. Her mission was to transform a basic space into a one-of-a-kind home with an English country vibe. And we say she scores a perfect 10! Throughout the apartment, you’ll find the classic, muted greens and pinks that are at the foundation of this aesthetic. There’s even a pink KitchenAid stand mixer in the kitchen! 

Mixed patterns are perfectly and artfully juxtaposed on the couch, armchairs, and even the bed for a soft, inviting look. As Jacqueline decorated her home, she kept her eyes peeled for vintage finds like an étagère, a circa-1940s English reproduction side table, and an oval gilt mirror that hangs among a perfectly spaced gallery wall. 

Explore more of this tranquil apartment in the full home tour.

Victoria’s English Country Cottage

A basic 1970s bungalow was transformed into a beautiful and peaceful English country dwelling, thanks to the design talent of owner, Victoria. For her space, she created a clean, minimalist English country vibe, using light or white paint to reflect light. While the home lacked period-specific features like fireplaces or picture rails, she chose to add a fireplace with a mantel on which pretty florals pop against the white paint. Carefully placed accessories like a pink teapot and floral throw pillows add to the aesthetic. 

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Credit: Cathy Pyle

Kelly & Ed’s Modern English Country Cottage & Studio

In Kelly and Ed Smithson’s home in Surrey, United Kingdom, they’ve called their style “modern English country,” but there’s also a bit of a bohemian vibe or even a splash of maximalism. In any case, it works. The couple has expertly crafted their space with English country elements like a cozy sofa in their eat-in kitchen, heavy drapes throughout for added warmth, a fireplace in keeping with the English style, and, of course, plenty of florals and mixed textures (check out those colorful throw pillows!). Outside gardens give way to a pretty front door painted muted green. 

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This Home That Needed an “Awful Lot of Work” Got Stunning DIY Updates

Luke and Hayley Blythe’s beautiful home in Cambridgeshire, England, features many elements of English country but maintains a rather minimalist vibe. That’s thanks to a largely neutral color palette that extends from the couple’s paint choices to the furniture and even much of the home’s decor. Still, pops of common English country colors, like pinks and greens, are present in throw pillows and florals. In the kitchen, an elegant stone backdrop adds an English country element. 

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A Modern English Country Farmhouse Has a Notably Neat Entryway

Homeowner Amanda Campbell and her husband describe their pretty dwelling space in Northern Canada as an “English country farmhouse.” They did a great job with this style mash-up, incorporating neutral colors and pretty accents that fit the English country aesthetic. The kitchen and dining area are standout rooms, where a muted blue tile backsplash lends a countryside vibe against the stark white paint and cabinetry.

Muted rugs and overstuffed throw pillows in the dining room coordinate with pretty florals set atop the table. In the bedroom, layered bedding with that classic gingham pattern expertly fits with the English country feel of the rest of the home.

Check out the full home tour to see this couple’s modern take on the English country aesthetic.

Credit: Erin Derby

This Cozy 200-Square-Foot NYC Apartment Is Inspired by English Country Decor

“The first thing people say when they see my apartment is ‘cozy,’” renter Bailey Heldmar says. “I think that’s an accurate description of my style in general. I love the lived-in, almost cluttered look of English country decor.” She used the exposed brick wall and the amazing brick fireplace to her advantage, creating a beautiful, happy space. Greenery and sunflowers are a focal point of her 200-square-foot space, as are the many stacks of books Bailey owns. The bed, adorned by plush layers of textiles, is a cozy centerpiece of this diminutive retreat in the middle of a bustling city. 

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Ros and James’ English Countryside California Cottage

The San Francisco bungalow belonging to James and Ros Wyatt perfectly nails the English country look. All the classic elements of this cozy but elegant aesthetic are present in every inch of this home, like an overstuffed, muted green sofa, an ornate floral rocking chair, and plenty of blankets and throw pillows. An oversized stone fireplace is the centerpiece of the English-style living room, adorned with pretty florals in vases and other vintage pieces. Even the home’s smallest accessories go hand-in-hand with the English country style.

Explore more of this sunny bungalow in the full home tour.

Credit: Carina Romano

This Small Maryland Cottage Is Incredibly Cute and Utterly Enchanting

Ryan and Maddie Kulig’s adorable cottage in Maryland might easily be referred to as mid-century modern, but there are splashes of English country decor. A pleasant green hue the couple chose for the kitchen cabinetry is echoed in the main bedroom, which also features plenty of flowers. Granted, they’re in frames on the wall, but it still gives that effortless English vibe. Accessories like pretty teapots and vases bring the look together. In the living room, layered textiles and patterns are also elements of classic English country style. 

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