I Can’t Stop Thinking About How This Renter Disguised Her Home’s Biggest Eyesore

published Jun 22, 2024
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White bedroom with wainscoted walls, vintage furniture, and wood window trim
Credit: Inga Rod

Living in New York City is all about transitional living. Whether I’m purchasing multi-purpose home decor (like these $2 Crate & Barrel bowls) or dreading the day I have to swap my winter closet out for summer options, it sometimes feels like my apartment is constantly in flux. 

That goes for the appliances in my home, too — namely, the two air conditioners (one in my kitchen and the other in my living room). It’s interesting how my relationship with air conditioners changes throughout the seasons, too. During the summer, I worship the cool breeze that’s a reprieve from the hot temperatures outside, but as soon as the first leaves of fall hit the concrete, I immediately forget about them — or at least I wish I could. 

While I’m grateful for the comfort my air conditioners bring me, I’ll admit that they become somewhat of an eyesore when they’re not in use (like in the wintertime). When they’re not in use, they suddenly become cumbersome and distracting. And I know what you’re probably thinking: Why not remove them when they’re not being used? To that, I say, if only I had the space. 

So, I was instantly intrigued when I stumbled upon how Lauren Wilson hid the appliances in her Parisian-inspired New York City apartment. Unsurprisingly, she’s picked up a couple of tricks after living in NYC for 12 years, but I imagine living in a 350-square-foot apartment forced her to be creative, too. (I can relate to that challenge.) 

Instead of removing her air conditioner, Lauren has simply placed a swatch of fabric over it (she did it to another appliance in her kitchen, too). Not only is this less of a hassle for her, but it also adds an aesthetic touch to an otherwise clunky area. The likely inexpensive fabric piece hangs from the top of the air conditioning unit, which helps to disguise it. 

Right now, it’s summer, but as soon as the temperature starts to drop — I know exactly what I’ll be on the hunt for. And luckily, this isn’t the only awe-inspiring element of Lauren’s home. To see more, visit the full home tour