This TikToker Found a Brilliant Way to Hide Dog Poop Bags in Plain Sight

published Oct 27, 2023
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A dog sitting on a couch with a throw and some pillows

If you’re a pet parent of a dog or cat, you’ll understand that it’s easy for their waste to pile up, and it doesn’t help if you have more than one furry friend. Litter robots and training-friendly puppy pads for strictly indoor pets can be handy, but the repetitive cleaning in a small space may give you a headache, especially if your weekly trash day isn’t anytime soon. Luckily, one woman mentioned a helpful tip on TikTok for hiding her dog’s poop bags, and it conveniently doubles as a decorative houseplant.

Hailee (@haileesskin) shared a hack for hiding her pup’s poop bags, and it’s so ingenious that you’ll wonder why you didn’t think to do it first. 

“We just recently bought a house in a HOA (homeowner’s association) that doesn’t allow us to have trash cans visible outside,” she said. “And we have dogs we clean up after, so we need somewhere to store the poop bags until trash day.” After searching on Amazon, Hailee found a small trash can that appeared to be a plant with a tall white planter until its lid opened.

Whether it’s used in a similar fashion for dog poop bags (or cat litter), this faux plant trash can could also be a neat decorative item near a desk or toilet. Its four-and-a-half star rating praised its classy look for disguising any debris, and that’s a sign that it’s perfect for pet parents.

The product has sold out before, so if you need a backup, the Exitoso Mini Trash Can with Lid ($22.95) is a similar size to the Earth & Mango item, but it doesn’t quite blend in like the original and is missing the fake plant on the lid. However, the 10 Liter/2.6 Gallon Garbage Can from WanWanKa ($36.99), which is also available on Amazon, has an incredibly similar look to the Earth & Mango bin without the plant. Maybe this can convince you to purchase a faux plant and complete a DIY!

Now that you’ve got the trash can, how can you eliminate the smell of the waste? In the comment section of the video, someone mentioned that they use a diaper genie in their garage, and that could also mask the smell. Another person suggested drilling holes into the bottom of the trash can for ventilation, so here’s another chance to complete an easy DIY task. 

In case you’re also struggling with requirements from your HOA, this disguisable trash can is a great investment for the price.

Buy: Earth & Mango Small Outdoor Faux Plant Trash Can, $44.99