Five Below’s Color-Changing Mushroom Lamp Is Such a Vibe

published Oct 6, 2023
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Five Below now open - Closeup of sign on building (Loveland, Colorado, USA)
Credit: Retail Photographer / Shutterstock

Mushroom-shaped pillows, lamps, fairy lights, and other fungus-figured items have been impossible to escape after the rise of cottagecore. The trend — which was popularized on TikTok — is an aesthetic that is reflected in decor or clothing that glamorizes a rural lifestyle in close proximity to nature. And the influence of mushroom items hasn’t died down since the origin of the design trend.

At Five Below, shoppers can create the cottagecore aesthetic for little-to-no cost with products like a LED wall light, a snail-shaped rug, or a decorative flower shelf. Recently, the store released the Multicolor Touch-Reactive Mushroom Lamp for $5.55, and the 10-inch lamp is quite entertaining and complementary to any night stand, coffee table, or vanity.

From a distance, the lamp appears to be a tall, glass mushroom or a water carafe. But as you get closer to it, a simple tap to its head triggers the multicolor feature. Once it’s on, you can expect to see colors like red, yellow, purple, blue, and green to set the mood in a similar fashion to LED strip lights. Three AA batteries are required to use this lamp, and voilà! For under $6, this lamp can be a delightful gift for a loved one that adores mushroom-shaped items or embodies the cottagecore trend.

In case you’re not located near Five Below, there’s a similar version of the mushroom lamp on Amazon, but you’ll be paying a bit more. For $22, the lamp appears to be almost identical to Five Below’s, except it can be rechargeable with a USB cord and comes with a remote control. However, if you’re headed to Five Below to snag the lamp, keep an eye out for these other impressive gifts that don’t even look like they’re under $10. Treat yourself to a small luxury!

Buy: Multicolor Touch-Reactive Mushroom Lamp, $5.55