This Stylish Storage Bed Was a Cinch to Assemble and Freed Up So Much Space in My Tiny Bedroom

published Mar 23, 2022
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Credit: Floyd
Floyd Walnut Bed Frame

I’d seen Floyd in all its famously minimalist glory a number of times on Instagram and, admittedly, was pretty skeptical. How could a bed frame be totally screw-less yet sturdy, completely customizable, and have storage capacity without the typical $3,000 – $5,000 price tag I’ve come to expect? Even after watching people assemble The Bed Frame on YouTube, I still didn’t really understand how it all came together or trust that I’d be able to do it myself. Naturally, all of this meant I had to put it to the test.

The first major win was that the boxes were hand-delivered directly into my apartment. Yep, no breaking a sweat or a limb trying to haul heavy boxes (however impressively compact and slender they were) up my third-floor walk-up. They took up so little space that I was even able to comfortably wait a few days before unboxing and assembling. Once I did gather the gumption to get started, I’d planned to use my whole Saturday to get the job done, both overestimating the amount of time it would take and grossly underestimating Floyd altogether.

I assembled the Floyd frame alone in 30 minutes — 45, if you include the break I took to prep a celebratory mimosa. Because it’s so customizable, even beyond selecting your modular pieces and color combination online, I took my time deciding exactly where I wanted my hardware placed. There are six pieces of platform hardware, which I chose in white to contrast against the walnut wood — a new color addition for Floyd, and depending on where you slide them in-between each board, they are optionally visible. Want the look of a floating bed? Simply push the hardware closer toward the center.

Credit: Floyd
Floyd Storage Bed Frame

Everything seems to be “modular” these days, so the claim (in my critical style) has started to seem a bit trite to me. Anything is modular if you have to assemble it, right? But Floyd takes it to a new (or perhaps the right) level. Not only did adding on the headboard feel like I was just playing life-sized LEGOs, but I could also see exactly how easy it would be to add an extension board when I move and upgrade to a King-size mattress. My bedroom is practically the size of a Queen bed plus about a foot on either side, so the idea of a storage bed frame has seemed out of the question for me since I can’t access the drawers on both sides. In assembling the Floyd, I realized I was able to choose exactly where I wanted to put the storage add-ons. So, I put one slide-on storage unit on the right side and the other at the foot of the bed.

I then stood back and stared, realizing this bed frame just changed my life. Before, I was using a hallway closet for storage. Now, I’m able to keep my belongings in my room without downsizing my bed, sacrificing style, or living in clutter. What’s more, the Floyd changed the look of my room entirely and I can confidently say I prefer my tiny bedtime sanctuary to my housemate’s comparatively palatial bedroom.

I can’t emphasize enough how you shouldn’t let the industrial look of the bed frame’s modular attachment style intimidate you. Think: IKEA-level easy assembly meets high-end design and sustainability. And since I wondered how the bed frame was to stay together without nails, screws, or holes of any kind, I’ll assume you have the same curiosity. The set comes with two ratchet-ended straps that thread through the supportive hardware and simply crank until taut, pulling the bed’s pieces together and holding them securely in place. I recommend checking out this video for a visual on the process since it’s pretty unique.

I have a rug, but the kit comes with cork stickers that can go on the bottom of each hardware platform piece to protect your floors and avoid movement. The frame doesn’t creak or move when I use it, either, which blows my mind since everything else I’ve personally assembled seems to. And since I tend to change the look of my home often and pick up and move to new places all the time, I love knowing how easy it’ll be to disassemble and relocate. If it’s not already obvious, I recommend you get a Floyd of your own. The best part? You can start with just a platform and build your perfect storage bed piece-by-piece at your own pace. Oh, and likely never need another bed frame again.