At Long Last, I’ve Found a (Natural!) Odor Remover That Makes Even My Dirty Laundry Smell Like Lavender

published Jul 21, 2021
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Confession: I’m highly paranoid about odors, and I’ve invested in no shortage of candles and sprays to keep my pre-war (read: very old) apartment smelling fresh and clean. But now that it’s summer and I’m, ahem, sweating much more than usual, there’s one specific spot that could use every ounce of help in the scent department — my laundry hamper.

Yes, I know it’s taboo and unglamorous to talk about stinky clothes, but this is Apartment Therapy, folks! We’re here to help with the good, the bad, and the smelly, for every corner of your home. So if you’re finding yourself in my same boat (or need to nix any other particularly whiffy spots), allow me to introduce you to an easy, affordable, and natural solution: Fresh Wave’s Lavender Odor Eliminating Packs.

Here’s the lowdown: Fresh Wave — an at-home odor-controlling brand — specializes in non-toxic air-freshening products for small spaces. That means you won’t find any harmful chemicals or overly pungent fragrances in their handy stench-fighting packs, which still work just as (if not more) effectively. Sold in sets of six for just $9.99, each comes filled with small beads that use plant oils to fight off any less-than-pleasant smells.

I tried Fresh Wave’s lavender variation and put one pack in the bottom of my lidded laundry bin, which I keep in the back corner of my closet. Not only has it gotten rid of icky odors from workout clothes and sweaty summer outfits, but I also get a ~fresh wave~ of subtle lavender scent whenever I open my closet doors. I personally find it super soothing, but you can shop an “original” version, too — with ingredients like pine needle, lime, clove, anise, and cedarwood — if you’re sensitive to scents.

Credit: Fresh Wave

And don’t sleep on these small-but-mighty staples for the rest of your home: They can go a long way in the bottom of your trash can or even inside pairs of shoes. (I tested this one out on my years-old workout sneakers and can confirm it helps!).

The only downside? Each pack only lasts a month or two, so they’ll need to be swapped out if you want to keep up the odor-free allure. But if you had to put a price on freshness, $10 isn’t too shabby!