You’re Truly Gen Z If You Win This Bingo Game

published Oct 23, 2023
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collage of room pictures and illustrations
Credit: Photos: Erin Derby and Loredana Gengler of @well.homed ;Illustrations: Isabela Humphrey; Design: Apartment Therapy

It was around the fifth checkerboard rug I saw on Instagram within a three-day period when I knew Gen Z had begun establishing their own version of iconic apartment decor. 

The millennial apartments of yesteryear — filled with velvet sofas, Edison bulbs, and succulents — are no longer ubiquitous in our feeds. Instead, smiley faces, taper candles, and mushroom accessories reign supreme. Even millennial pink is sunsetting in favor of sage green, ushering in a new era of splashy renter style.

What’s a youthful apartment-dweller to do in times like these? Play Gen Z apartment bingo, of course. No matter whether you’ve leaned into cottagecore, emulated the dark academia subculture, or simply reveled in clashing neon colors, there’s a good chance your home checks a few Gen Z-themed boxes. 

“I’ve resorted to just looking around my apartment and naming things like a bad game of ‘I Spy,’” said one Apartment Therapy staffer during our Zoomer apartment brainstorm. You, too, can have this kind of good-natured fun with trends in your home, thanks to our bingo board.

If you scored bingo, I hope you let us know in the comments. If you didn’t, I strongly encourage you to tell us about your favorite Gen Z decor anyway.

And I want to be abundantly clear about something: You should decorate your space however you like, no matter which generation you belong to. While you do that, Apartment Therapy will continue helping you find the things you love at home.