This Shoe Storage Is So Pretty, I Actually Keep It on Display in My Bedroom (It Holds 24 Pairs!)

published Mar 26, 2024
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View into bedroom with bed with wood headboard, white linens, blue and green pillows. Lots of plants

I claim to be a minimalist (proudly, I might add) when it comes to the things I own. But, just like everyone else, I’m not perfect. And if you were to peek into my closet, you’d notice an abundance of a handful of those things, namely bathing suits and shoes. Because when it comes to them, the limit just doesn’t seem to exist. Fortunately, bathing suits don’t take up much space so they’re pretty easy to keep contained. On the other hand, boots, wedges, stilettos, and sneakers can be an organizational nightmare, especially in a small home.

So when I recently downsized and moved from a custom closet with a covetable number of shelves for my many shoes to a wire closet with only three racks, I felt slightly panicky. Being a professional organizer, I knew I would eventually come up with a solution even if it meant stepping over and around shoes littered across the closet floor for a month or so in the meantime (which I did). While debating different organizers and strategizing how to maximize my scaled-down space, I stumbled upon a furniture company called GiraTree. They generously offered to send me their shoe cabinet to put to the test.

What is the GiraTree Natural Rattan Shoe Cabinet?

The slim, freestanding cabinet comes with three “flip” drawers, meaning you pull them down to reveal shelves for shoes. Since it’s narrow (measuring less than 9.5 inches deep), it can fit against a wall in nearly any tight space, including closets, hallways, or entryways. I have one blank wall in my new bedroom that is the same length as the cabinet (31.5 inches wide) so I chose that as its spot. While I don’t love the idea of sleeping near my shoes, I’m not bothered by it because the drawers stay closed. To put it politely, there is no obvious odor wafting from the cabinet if you get my drift.

It comes in two color options, black and walnut (the one I chose to match my subtle boho-style bedroom), and both styles feature a rattan front finish. GiraTree claims that each cabinet can hold up to 24 pairs of shoes which is less than the quantity of my current collection. 

Credit: Mary Cornetta

Why I love the GiraTree Natural Rattan Shoe Cabinet

The primary reason I adore this cabinet boils down to this: it provides a pretty way to store a decent amount of shoes. You could certainly fit a tall, vertical shoe rack or stack shoe boxes in the same space that the cabinet takes up (and, probably, even squeeze in a few more pairs while you’re at it). But as someone who detests visual clutter, neither of those options would have worked for me, especially in my bedroom. Instead, the shoe cabinet simply looks like a beautiful piece of furniture that blends in effortlessly with the rest of my decor.

Speaking of which, I’m a big fan of picking out and swapping hardware as a way to make an item feel more unique. This cabinet came with basic black knobs which were perfectly fine as is, however, I found these gold ginkgo leaf pulls that fit my style. I’ve also gained a bit more surface space in my bedroom to store things that I was previously trying to find an appropriate spot for, such as my charging dock and journals.

Additionally, the cabinet keeps my shoes safe and dust-free since they’re kept behind closed doors. I chose to store my nicest pairs here, lining my heels that don’t get worn often at the bottom, to my flats that do get a lot of use throughout the month. As far as all of my other shoes that didn’t fit in the cabinet? Well, my everyday sneakers and sandals are left by the front door, the rest of them are kept in an ottoman in the corner of my closet, and my handful of winter boots went into storage.

Buy: GiraTree Natural Rattan Shoe Cabinet, $279 (normally $319)

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