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I Asked a “Glamour Witch” How to Use Color to Supercharge My Home

published Jul 31, 2023
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As a witch and astrologer, I’m always looking for practical ways to incorporate magic into my day-to-day life. Perhaps that’s why I’m so drawn to the work of Gabriela Rosales, aka The Stylist Witch. Rosales is a fashion stylist, designer, and glamour witch, or practitioner of glamour magic, who helps her clients embody their best selves through the intentional use of color and aesthetics.

Rosales practices glamour magic, which she defines as “the daily practice of aesthetic experimentation that allows us to stay in alignment with our emotions.” Practitioners deliberately use color and texture in their personal style or home decor to reflect how they’re feeling in the present moment, or to invoke a different energy. “At the end of the day, intention is everything,” she tells Apartment Therapy. 

Glamour magic makes total sense when you consider the mental and emotional power of color, a phenomenon enshrined by color psychology and frequently employed in advertising. Who’s to say you can’t selectively use certain hues in your home to elicit specific emotions or vibes? And using that magic to infuse color and intention into your own home can help you feel like your best, most comfortable, and confident self in your space — and bring that energy with you when you go out. 

Rosales associates this glamour magic with the planet Venus, which governs art and aesthetics in astrology. Keep reading for Rosales’ tips about how you can supercharge your space with color and intention.

Credit: Erin Derby

Understand the energies of each color.

Since glamour magic revolves around visual aesthetics, color plays a significant role. It’s helpful to understand the specific energies associated with each color of the rainbow. Luckily, Rosales broke it all down for us:

Red: Confidence, assertiveness, and leadership
Burgundy: Sensuality and value
Orange: Creativity, exuberance, and connection
Yellow: Mental stimulation, quickness, and vitality
Green: Material abundance, stability, and calmness
Light Blue: Calmness and serenity
Turquoise: Independence and free-spiritedness 
Dark Blue: Trustworthiness, wisdom, and responsibility
Purple: Spirituality, conviction, and intention
Light Pink: Softness, nurturance, and self-love
Hot Pink: Flirtatiousness, decisiveness, and self-respect
White: Truth, intuition, and cleanliness
Black: Power, prestige, and discipline
Brown: Affluence, maturity, and groundedness

If you really think about these associations, they check out. Take white and green, two colors Rosales commonly sees paired together in interior design. “The color green is linked to our parasympathetic nervous system and has an immediate calming, soothing energy for us,” she says. “Of course that makes sense in the home. It’s a sanctuary.” 

The same is true for white, which represents truth and intuition. In your home, you ideally have the mental freedom and privacy to be the most authentic version of yourself, Rosales explains. “It’s a place of peace.”

Identify which energies you intend to call in.

It’s equally important to get crystal clear on which vibes you want to invite into your home. This is where the real magic happens, says Rosales. On their own, colors are just colors; when you pair them with intention, they become conduits for specific energies. 

As such, Rosales suggests taking some time to think about how you want to feel in your home. For instance, a tranquil green-and-white sanctuary might not be your vibe. Perhaps you’d prefer a dark, sensual hideaway or a dramatic, creatively stimulating space. In those scenarios, you might spring for bolder shades like orange, burgundy, or black.

Once you’ve pinpointed your ideal vibe, you can introduce decor items in colors that correspond with that energy. You can incorporate multiple hues for a magic-infused color scheme. You can even do this on a room-by-room basis. The general idea is to decorate a space as “a container for the energy each room will have,” says Rosales.

Make some small (but high-impact) changes.

Most people don’t have the means to completely overhaul their home, but that doesn’t mean we can’t experiment with glamour magic. In fact, Rosales usually recommends that her clients start small so they can really observe how different colors make them feel. 

In the context of interior design, that could look like changing up your tableware, throw pillows, or curtains. These items are relatively inexpensive but still prominent enough in a room to “change quite a lot energetically,” which is why Rosales loves them. She’s partial to reversible pillow covers, which allow you to try out two colors in a cost-effective way. They’re also ideal for “playing with different color combinations.”

Credit: Liz Calka

Or, use color to inspire your home makeover. 

If you are able to decorate from scratch, consider a total color revamp. You might try painting a punchy accent wall, swapping out your bedding for something more saturated, or purchasing a boldly colored couch. And if high-saturation colors feel intimidating, you can also toy around with more muted tones, such as dusty pink or lavender. Rosales loves a beige undertone, which can make bright colors feel more modern.

“It would be so cool to decorate each room in a color scheme with the intention of that room,” she muses. For the living room, a central fixture of any home, she recommends a color like orange to promote connection and self-expression. And for the bathroom, light pink — a soft hue that harkens back to self-love — might be the move.

I love the idea of using glamour magic to decorate your home because it’s highly customizable — to your budget, to your physical space, and to your intentions. It also leaves room for mutability. Just like your aesthetic preferences, your energetic goals may evolve over time, and that’s OK. “We’re allowed to change our style,” Rosales explains. “We’re allowed for the things we want in our homes to change. When we resist that, we’re really neglecting ourselves.” 

Again, switching up your space’s energetic signature doesn’t mean you have to spend beyond your means. It can be as budget-friendly as buying a cute new table runner, or moving art you already own to a different room in your home. 

“So much energy is held within our homes, within specific items,” adds Rosales. “If it’s a place that doesn’t feel in alignment with us, it makes it so that we’re getting less energetic rest at home. So it’s really important for the intention to be there.”