Here’s the One Thing You’ve Probably Never Thought to Add to Your Gallery Wall

published Mar 30, 2022
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There is an endless number of fun ways to display your plants. Whether you’re a new plant parent or you’ve got 100-plus plants and are officially running out of space, you may want to try out this designer’s creative way to display them.

Francesca is an interior stylist and designer who lives in a 1,100-square-foot Craftsman-style home in Los Angeles. “A friend was moving out of her home nestled in the Silver Lake Hills, and it was my obligation to make it my own,” she says in her house tour. Luckily, it was love at first sight. Francesca considers her style to be vintage and eclectic, so she filled her home with bold colors and tons of fun patterns.

While decorating comes easy for Francesca, every home comes with its unique set of challenges. One struggle Francesca faced when designing her space was finding a sofa to fit into the narrow layout of the living room. She ended up going with a chunky, tufted sofa from Eternity Modern, and then everything else fell in place around it. “I call this my artist home because I’m able to design and redesign the space to reflect my moods,” she says.

As a vintage lover, Francesca built a gallery wall above her sofa that included a large mirror, art, and bold gold frames. What’s even more interesting about this gallery wall is that she threw some greenery in there, too.

In the top left corner of Francesca’s gallery wall you’ll see two hanging glass vessels filled with a few flowers and green stems. This is a fun, fresh alternative to adding more framed art, mirrors, or textiles you typically see on a gallery wall. There’s also a large, leafy fern hanging strategically from the ceiling so it falls right into place with everything else on display.

While you can always place your plants on a stand, the floor, or even on your mantel as Francesca has, you may want to consider your walls as a place to stash a few as well. Particularly if the wall has access to direct sunlight as Francesca’s wall does, then you can rest assured that they’ll survive and give you some extra style.

“I am a maximalist,” Francesca says “So to those fearful of filling up their space because it may be too small, I encourage you to think outside of the box.”