What Capricorn Season Means For Your Home in January 2020

published Jan 6, 2020
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Credit: Kath Nash

Shut the door and light the candles: January’s cosmic medicine brings us deep into the hot tubs of restoration, asking us to realign with our most profound needs, filling our baths from the inside out with the scented waters that actually soothe us. It’s a slow and steady start to the new decade, and the speed at which we choose to travel will define the very quality of the ride. 

World expander Jupiter rolls through Capricorn, and a potent Cancer full moon eclipse on Jan. 10 beckons us to consider where we’re begging to be replenished. Where do you feel emptied out and spent? It’s a moment to speak your claim to stillness and to find lubrication wherever it may linger, creating more easeful conditions and self-centric care. Swap scratchy fabrics and dried flowers for downy soft petals, letting the heart-shaped boxes you inhabit fit the one that beats inside your chest. 

And as taskmaster Saturn conjuncts underworld earth-turner Pluto in Capricorn, it’s high time to slough off the “shoulds” and consider who’s calling the shots. This rare planetary meet and greet ushers us into an entirely new kingdom that is powered by absolute choice rather than the autopilot pull of past patterns. 

Who picked out those curtains? Who chose the shade of those walls? Assert some autonomous architectural planning and slide into the custom sheets that truly fit your shape.

Credit: Kath Nash

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising

In the Stars: There is another way, even though you may feel like the time for renewal has passed its expiration. January wants you to hop into whatever helicopters may be on hand and pan way out, watching your life below from an entirely electrified angle. 

In Your Space: Rise above the fray with design cues from mid-century modern LA pads in the Hollywood Hills. Think indoor/outdoor, fresh cut greenery, and glass accents galore. 

Credit: Kath Nash

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising

In the Stars: A hidden resource is hiding in plain sight, Aquarius, and recovering it starts with remembering what already fits you like a second skin. What acts do you lose yourself while doing, forgetting the hard edges of separateness? Go there, Aquarius. Ease in. 

In Your Space: Let your lair feel custom-cut to your exact contours with bespoke furniture pieces that actually support your particular body. Ergonomics are your key to elegance. 

Credit: Kath Nash

Pisces or Pisces Rising

In the Stars: What’s standing right in front of you, just begging for you to look into its eyes, Pisces? While you may be the zodiac’s occasionally escapist dream queen, you can make even more magic this month by reckoning with the reality and making use of what’s already here. 

In Your Space: Experiment with what exists rather than exporting, as refurbishing and repurposing remind you that angels already inhabit the foundations of your home as it is. 

Credit: Kath Nash

Aries or Aries Rising

In the Stars: There is work to be done this month, Aries, but before you rev all of your engines to the point of exhaustion, consider how starting small and becoming an artful apprentice might actually feel easeful. Decide your pace like you were picking out the most delicious dessert. 

In Your Space: Take design cues from a children’s storybook character who lives deep inside a tree, embracing tiny prints, mason jars, and intricate cabinetry, as you remember that small acts of stocking up can feed you through the winter. 

Credit: Kath Nash

Taurus or Taurus Rising

In the Stars: With Uranus stationing direct in your sign, January is a month for sealing the deal and drawing your life force back to center, Taurus. What’s gotten away from you? Where do you feel like you’re being dragged? Whatever your superpower, clutch it back into your chest like a treasure. 

In Your Space: Centralizing and solidifying your spaces can help create the ground you crave. Think epic centerpieces, paperweights, bookends, and fire pits to gather round

Credit: Kath Nash

Gemini or Gemini Rising

In the Stars: Where are the fractured places within you? The disowned bits that want to come in from the cold? January is a month for putting on the kettle and exploring how you actually self-soothe. Treat your energy like a precious plant, tending and nurturing your sprigs of green. 

In Your Space: Let your lair become a kind of laboratory for self-caring concoctions, paying extra attention to any space where your body is held, flipping the mattress and cleansing the tub

Credit: Kath Nash

Cancer or Cancer Rising

In the Stars: It’s a ballroom dance month for you, Cancer, as you find your place within the rhythm of give and take. Where are you being pulled by a pacing that’s divined by external forces rather than your own divinity? Assert your right to take only the steps that suit you. 

In Your Space: Consider the flow through your space, unblocking entryways and attending to side tables and hall closets by placing everything you need at your fingertips, ready to grab and go with ultimate grace. 

Credit: Kath Nash

Leo or Leo Rising

In the Stars: January asks you to consider what equilibrium looks like to you. This doesn’t mean feeling perfectly stable at all times, but is instead an opportunity to explore how you feel “full.” Like a satisfying meal, this month wants you to only make moves once you’ve licked your own chops. 

In Your Space: Trick out your dining quarters Roman-style, choosing platters, decanters, cornucopias, and cutlery befitting the lasting sources of sustenance that you’re here to celebrate.  

Credit: Kath Nash

Virgo or Virgo Rising

In the Stars: January wants your loving tender touch, Virgo. What’s your relationship to softness right now? Are you ready to ease into allowing, or steeling yourself against the feeling? Wherever you can find space for disarmament, this month wants you out of the shell and into the fluff. 

In Your Space: Find design inspo in bird’s nests and natural shelters, treating your space like a finely feathered fort. Think papasans, canopies, built in bookshelves, and bay windows. 

Credit: Kath Nash

Libra or Libra Rising

In the Stars: Where are your roots, Libra? January wants you to remember that you have the right to walk the earth you already own, tapping into the texture of your solid ground. Courageously connect with your inherent competence and fire up the faith that you’re already prepared. 

In Your Space: Mine the resources in your cupboards as you connect to the reality that you’re ready for any and every thing. Make yourself snack packs, prepare “rescue” kits for all occasions, and stock up on a full-range of beautiful basics

Credit: Kath Nash

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising

In the Stars: January wants you alive and well, Scorpio, celebrating the sparkling surface of things without having to dive so damn deep. What wants bells and whistles? What triumphs deserve to be touted? Extend your holiday straight through the depths of winter, dear one. 

In Your Space: Whether or not you’re inviting pals to your lair, treat your home like a festive occasion. Break out the good china. Add bits of flair to end tables and doorways. And don’t forget the goblets, primed and ready for bubbles. 

Credit: Kath Nash

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising

In the Stars: What place does play have in your existence, wild one? You’re the zodiac’s grand experimenter and January wants to remind you that you can mess around with the paint set, letting what seems at first like fantasy become the roots of a whole new reality. 

In Your Space: Whether it’s stars on the ceiling or a scented bath bomb, this month wants you to uncover even more magic in your abode. Consider leaving yourself secret gifts under the pillow and extra ice cream in the freezer.