What Scorpio Season Means for Your Home (and Your Zodiac Sign)

published Nov 13, 2019
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Credit: Kath Nash

Unseal the storage containers and unleash your cornucopia on the world, astral voyagers. After October’s clear-cut seeing, and lean and mean essentialism, November returns us to our inherent wildness, a reminder that we are way bigger and bolder than we’ve been believing.

With Scorpio and Sagittarius energies leading the pack, it’s a prime time to consider what’s already ready to let loose and expand all on its own. Where have you been holding back, convinced that you’re not quite ready? What new project, relationship, or way of being is actually raring to go, shimmying in the wings to an unstoppable rhythm? It’s a month to look doubt straight in the eyes and do it anyway, complete with tassels.

And with a potent Mercury retrograde rolling through Scorpio, we’re invited to sink into our whole selves like a squishy armchair, noticing the bits we think are better kept outside in the hall.

So leave the front door wide open, and fill your hanging fruit baskets to the brim. You’re alive right now and it’s just that simple. Shake out your area rugs and get ready to ride.

Credit: Kath Nash

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising

In the Stars: Your birthday month asks you to identify where you perceive “lack” and turn it to lusciousness instead. When you stop scrambling to fill up, seconds and thirds will be served straight to your table seamlessly, all on their own. 

In Your Space: Let your inner Rococo aesthetic loose, as you veer delightfully maximalist with overflowing centerpieces, plump pillows, and riotous, rich color splashed everywhere. 

Credit: Kath Nash

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising

In the Stars: November elevates you way beyond the personal, Sag, as you collide with your higher love and long-range purpose. Remind yourself that even your smallest moves are imbued with potent reverb, and that you leave a legacy just by the way you walk through the world. 

In Your Space: Embrace an aesthetic that feels ancient, infusing your lair with Grecian-style vases and ceiling accents that connect your place on earth to a much larger plan.  

Credit: Kath Nash

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising

In the Stars: November wants to paint even your coldest cakes with rose icing, Capricorn. Take this month to practice turning towards the sweetness, wherever it may lie, as you learn to more fully embrace what wants to hold you close to its heart. 

In Your Space: Romanticism is your design credo, complete with fresh flowers, fully fluffed towels, and secret scented sachets tucked inside even the hardest of wooden drawers.  

Credit: Kath Nash

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising

In the Stars: November asks you to renovate your definition of competence, Aquarius, as you leave beyond brick-shaped burdens that are no longer yours to carry. Commit to choosing ease over effort, sloughing off anxious over-tasking in the name of greater aerodynamics.  

In Your Space: Let it be lighter in every sense of the word, swapping out dull lamp bulbs, recycling emotionally heavy souvenirs, and opting for calm and clear color-blocked optics. 

Credit: Kath Nash

Pisces/Pisces Rising

In the Stars: November asks you to identify where you’re going through the motions sans emotion, Pisces, forgoing any tepid, mechanical “maybes” in the service of more sparkle. Leave anything behind that feels less than a luminous adventure. 

In Your Space: Transform your neutrals into full-spectrum color with new paint jobs and artful accent pieces, prizing flash and flair over mere organizational function. 

Credit: supriya

Aries/Aries Rising

In the Stars: November is a body-beautiful feast for you, firestarter, as you practice letting your physical needs for nourishment lead the way. Let it all be an exercise in appetite, Aries, choosing only the most tasty, mineral-rich endeavors.
In Your Space: Infuse your lair with the heartiness of the hearth, favoring rustic accents, and kitchen tables and fireplaces where you can fortify through slow-cooked warmth. 

Credit: Kath Nash

Taurus/Taurus Rising

In the Stars: November invites you to tango, Taurus, as you consider the energy behind all your pas-de-deux partnerships. Let the desire to reach out remind you of your inner riches, ensuring that you’re not outsourcing the powerful pleasures that can always be home grown.  

In Your Space: Place extra value on your home’s more private spaces, giving as much loving to the for-your-eyes-only back corners of the basement as you do to the front hall. 

Credit: Kath Nash

Gemini/Gemini Rising

In the Stars: November is a month for non-linear living, Gemstone, as you practice navigating by touch without having to see the finish. Forgo the grand plan and let yourself live moment-by-moment, following an off-the-beaten-path deeper into the creative wilds. 

In Your Space: Embrace the life aquatic with dreamy turquoise palettes, gauzy textures, and water features, moving to the rhythm rather than carefully charting the course. 

Credit: Kath Nash

Cancer/Cancer Rising

In the Stars: November marks a self-centric celebration of your me-ness, Cancer, as you reclaim your inner authority by exercising your right to put yourself first. Let your power moves stem from basic desire, letting “I want” or “I don’t want” be reason enough. 

In Your Space: Treat yourself to an indulgent early start to the holiday season with festive table coverings and finally purchasing whatever precious piece you’ve been coveting. 

Credit: Kath Nash

Leo/Leo Rising

In the Stars: November is a month for trust-falling even deeper, Glitter Kitten, as you practice showing up with palms up, and silencing stories about your perceived lack of preparedness. Do what you can with exactly what you’ve got, Leo, and let it be more than enough. 

In Your Space: Explore the magic of makeshift in your manor, as you reupholster and repurpose, letting a DIY approach remind you of your own powers to meet the moment. 

Credit: Kath Nash

Virgo/Virgo Rising

In the Stars: November wants to remind you of the surprise endings and sudden re-routes that are yours for the taking, Virgo. When you examine the beliefs that lie beneath and commit to rephrasing any stuffy self-talk, new openings will start popping up everywhere. 

In Your Space: Focus on runners, track lighting, and doorframes, letting greater ease in spatial transitions help map new pathways in your consciousness. 

Credit: Kath Nash

Libra/Libra Rising

In the Stars: November wants your powerful presence, Libra, as you practice getting comfy with the shape of things, exactly as they are. Settle in and root down, adopting the radical credo that, for the moment, not one piece of your existence needs any fixing at all. 

In Your Space: Sink into soft blankets, cocoa mugs, and reading socks, letting your cabin be a respite for watching whatever weather’s here through the window.