This Innovative Laundry Rack Will Dry Twice the Amount of Clothes at Once (Plus, It’s on Sale!)

published Aug 9, 2023
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someone putting a clothing item on a hanger in a room with a pile of folded clothes
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Hang-drying your clothes can go a long way toward extending their lifetimes. It’s much more gentle than electric dryers, and for certain fabrics, it’s necessary to avoid damaging them. However, the challenge with this method is figuring out where in your home you can let your clothes lay undisturbed for hours and hours. Most clothes-drying racks that give you a decent amount of drying room also take up a lot of space when they’re not in use, and more compact racks can sometimes only dry one or two things at a time.

That’s why we love this expandable clothes-drying rack. It folds down to be small enough to fit under your bed, store in your closet, or keep in the corner without anyone noticing. And, most importantly, it extends to hold up to 30 clothing items on hangers. Best of all, it’s on sale at QVC right now for 25 percent off, so you can get this game-changing tool at a discount. Don’t wait to upgrade your laundry habits — grab this now while it’s still in stock!

What is the Honey-Can-Do 2-Tier Tripod Clothes Drying Rack

This collapsible rack is a super convenient and small-space-friendly option for drying your clothes at home. It consists of two pieces: one that unfolds into tripod legs, and one that attaches to the top of the tripod with fold-out racks for clothes. The top piece has six arms that can each hold up to five clothing hangers, and for clothes that you don’t want to dry on hangers — such as sweaters or bathing suits — you can drape them over the arms.

When the device is fully expanded, it occupies as much floor space as a small dresser or side table. But when you collapse everything down, each piece is much shorter and only a few inches in diameter. That means when laundry is done and all the clothes are dry, you can pack up this rack and put it totally out of sight and out of mind.

Credit: QVC

What QVC Reviewers are Saying

Average Rating: 3.5/5

“I hang just about everything… If you are wanting to hang clothing vs the dryer these racks are great.” — BBRRNNM

“QVC used to sell a similar item years ago and I could’ve kicked myself for not ordering one. Finally, this option from Honey-Do became available and I purchased it. It works well and solves my problems with hang drying laundry.” — Queenbeeisme

“I hang the majority of my clothes to finish drying after putting in the dryer on cool for about 15 minutes just so fabric softener works.”  — vernie

Credit: QVC

Instead of sacrificing space in your home for a large and cumbersome drying rack, or limiting yourself to drying only a handful of garments at a time, do yourself a favor and grab this drying rack today. It’s the ideal kind of laundry tool that stays completely out of the way when you’re not using it and can be ready to use at a moment’s notice. Pick it up while it’s still on sale — your clothes will thank you.

Buy: Honey-Can-Do 2-Tier Tripod Clothes Drying Rack, $46.49 (normally $61.99)