These 150-Square-Foot Homes Highlight How to Be a Pro at Small-Space Living

published Apr 20, 2024
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Living in a smaller home — like one that’s 400 square feet or even 200 square feet — requires a unique sense of craftiness and organization. But plenty of people do it, and find creative ways to make it work. So it’s safe to assume that people who live in 150-square-foot homes get really clever. Amazingly, some of these teeny-tiny homes still manage to feel spacious and enjoyable. We’ve toured homes of that size of all kinds so if you’ve ever wondered how big 150 square feet is, keep reading to see what it really looks like — and the canny ways people make their small spaces feel larger. 

Credit: Gina Luisa

A 150-Square-Foot NYC Studio Works, Thanks to a Small but Sufficient Mini Kitchenette

Living in a smaller home means making compromises without sacrificing functionality. When Gina Luisa found this 150-square-foot rental apartment in Brooklyn, navigating the limited space was an exciting challenge. For example, the kitchenette might have a half fridge and no oven, but she can make complete meals with a toaster convection oven and hot plates.  

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This 150-Square-Foot Tiny House Is a Catskills Country Escape

Chris Schapdick was looking to escape New York City’s bustling energy and found it in the Catskills. He had so much fun building the two-bedroom, fully functional 150-square-foot cottage that he left his job, founded Tiny Industrial, and now builds small homes for others. “The high ceiling and abundance of windows create a very open-feeling space, and there is no notion of feeling cramped or claustrophobic,” Chris shared at the time of the tour.  

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Another Adorable DIY Van Conversion That’ll Make You Crave a Road Trip

Sometimes, smaller spaces just fit people’s lifestyles better. At least, that was the case for Adrian and Lara. The couple wanted to travel around Australia and found that the best way to do it was in their 150-square-foot Mercedes van. They converted the van to be super functional and comfortable (even their two pups have enough space to sprawl out!). 

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This Farmer’s Home Consists of a Tiny House, Small Trailer, and Gorgeous Garden

As head farmer at The Backyard Farmer, being in nature and serving delicious food are significant parts of Christiana Paoletti’s life, so her home — even though it’s around 120 square feet — had to support that. Luckily the tiny house and retro trailer combination she and her partner live in do just that. “We love how quiet and peaceful it is at our mini forest retreat, and no matter where we travel we always come back with a deep sense of gratitude for home,” Christiana shared at the time of the tour. 

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This Is Definitely the Cheeriest Tiny House of All Time

After geographer and builder Lee Pera became fed up with the high real estate prices in Washington, D.C., she took matters into her own hands — literally. She built this 145-square-foot tiny house mostly on her own and decorated it with vibrant colors. When asked about her inspiration, Lee shares, “Scandinavian design mixed with bright colors inspired from traditional Mexican art, textiles, and ceramics.”

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Credit: Carina Romano

This Is One of the Most Beautiful, Livable Tiny Houses We’ve Ever Seen

Haley and Michael’s tiny house in Philadelphia is technically 160 square feet, but it’s so cleverly designed that it was impossible not to share. Haley and Michael share several essential tips for small-space living in the home tour, but one of the most exciting tidbits is filling your home with “normal-sized” things. “Let the spaces you live in be reasonably spacious and functional so it doesn’t feel like camping all the time,” they shared at the time of the tour. 

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