These 10 Gorgeous Homes Showed Me How Big 300 Square Feet Can Be

published Jul 9, 2024
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When you think of living in a place that’s only 300 square feet (or imagine half that size at 150 square feet), you might think it would be impossible to fit everything you need into your home. However, with a bit of creativity and clever planning, along with some paring down, it’s totally doable! If you find yourself asking, How big is 300 square feet?, it’s about the size of a primary bedroom in a single-family home. 

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Whether you’re living alone or sharing a 300-square-foot space with a partner or roommate, there are many ways to incorporate what you need for your daily life into your home. The main question is how to visualize 300 square feet, which is the first step in figuring out what belongs where. And we’re here to help! 

We’ve rounded up 10 300-square-foot dwelling places (and some that are smaller!) that are functional and, of course, supercool! These 10 homes prove it’s possible to live in only 300 square feet and thrive as well.

Credit: Erin Derby

1. This Renter’s Trick for Hiding the Tub in a 240-Square-Foot Studio Works Like Magic

Sometimes, small-space living means devising creative solutions to eyesores, like a shower in the middle of your living space! That’s what renter Austin Larkin dealt with in his 240-square-foot Hell’s Kitchen apartment. So he got creative and installed a pull-down painted shade that fully concealed his shower and closet. It’s a brilliant solution that looks like a wall when pulled down. 

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2. See Why This Teeny 313-Square-Foot Studio Is Nicknamed the “Sailor’s Den”

Milo Putnam and husband, Lance Putnam, have created an enviable space out of their 313-square-foot Provincetown, Massachusetts, studio. Despite its small size, it’s a testament to their shared joy throughout their relationship. A carefully curated gallery wall is their favorite feature, and the open floor plan means it can be seen from anywhere in the studio. “Our home is a collection of joy from our vibrant queer community, decorated with pieces designed by other LGBTQIA+ artists,” Milo said at the time of the tour. 

Explore the full home tour to take a closer look at the gorgeous gallery wall.

3. This Small Melbourne Rooftop Apartment Has a Must-See Courtyard

When Amy Renou and her sister found it difficult to afford the cost of living in their ideal neighborhood, they got the brilliant idea of building a small prefab apartment on top of an existing building owned by their family. They worked with ARKit to design side-by-side apartments with sustainable features like solar panels, double-glazed windows, and rainwater tanks that supply much of their water needs. “My approach is to keep the permanent features neutral and light so my colorful art and accessories create the color,” Amy said of her home at the time of the tour. 

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The living room: Everything is secondhand here except the sofa, which is new.

4. Nicolas’s 260-Square-Foot Studio in France

Nicolas Lecoeur has created a beautiful, cohesive living space out of just under 300 square feet (260, to be exact) outside of Montmartre in Paris. With tastefully curated secondhand furniture, the entire space has an upscale, vintage vibe. Minimal color and a distinct lack of clutter help the living space flow, making it appear larger. At the time of the tour, Nicolas said, “I like to change objects and acquire new ones. I work from the heart. Each object has a story or comes from a memory, or it’s a gift.”

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My main living area.

5. Dorota’s 281-Square-Foot Apartment in Poland

Despite its size — clocking in at only 281 square feet — Dorota’s studio apartment in Gdańsk, Poland, is fully functional. She’s incorporated clever ideas like using the entryway to house a “walk-in” closet that makes up for the fact that the small bedroom has room only for her bed. Using every inch of the space, she’s added only items that meet her needs. And those of her cats, of course. “I’m a minimalist and like to own only the things that are useful or meaningful. My cats’ needs are important [as well]. As an autistic person, I need a soothing environment that lets me regulate and rest,” Dorota said at the time of the tour.

See more of Dorota’s clever space in the full home tour.

Credit: Jenn Feldman
Kitchen wall.

6. Jenn’s 300-Square-Foot Studio in Canada

In a space as small as 300 square feet, like Jenn Feldman’s Toronto apartment, a neutral color palette can help add visual space by giving an uncluttered look and feel. When she moved in, it was a blank space, so Jenn embraced the existing black-and-white palette by adding personal touches to those hues. Check out the patterned kitchen ceiling, for example. “While at first glance my space will seem very minimalist, there’s a whole lot of my personality that shines through in the details,” Jenn said at the time of the tour. 

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I've long had my eye on an iconic, atomic Saarinen/Knoll replica tulip table and chairs so I squeezed one in here -- a dream come true! The wall, actually 14 by 14, is decked in '70s floral peel-and-stick wallpaper. Check out the light switch plate; I swapped it for a brassy, vintage-looking one!

7. Rachel’s 356-Square-Foot Apartment in New York

Having a small home hasn’t stopped Rachel Gardner from making it her own. Instead, she’s created a space that’s an homage to all she holds dear. “​​Joy fills me when I walk into my home. It’s my creative outlet and full of story,” Rachel said at the time of the tour. In keeping with that, she’s chosen to add a collection of vintage-inspired items in an array of colors. It’s proof that just a small amount of creativity can transform a small space into an oasis that you want it to be. 

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Upon opening the door, you're greeted by the heart of my space. This multifunctional area seamlessly combines my bedroom, living room, dining room, and office in a compact 213 square feet. This room features five windows, four of my original artworks, three rugs, and eight disco balls of varying sizes.

8. Hannah’s 303-Square-Foot Studio in Georgia

A 2023 Small/Cool contest winner for functionality, Hannah Ranson’s Georgia apartment is a beautiful and thoughtfully designed space. An initial lack of wall space inspired Hannah to rethink the space, so she embraced the notion of multifunctional space. For example, her bedroom serves as her home office and dining room. “Limited wall space challenged me to find creative solutions. The abundance of natural light and the sparkling disco balls invite a touch of magic to every corner. It’s a cozy haven that perfectly reflects my style and personality,” Hannah said during the tour. 

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9. This Small/Cool Winning 280-Square-Foot ADU Is Full of Smart Small Space Ideas

Denise Bayron’s tiny home, which clocks in at just under 300 square feet, was Apartment Therapy’s 2021 Small/Cool contest winner in the Tiny Home category. And it’s easy to see why: The entire space flows effortlessly, thanks to a beautifully neutral color palette with pops of greenery in all the right places. Cleverly arranged furniture, clean walls unadorned by art or other wall hangings, and plenty of natural light add to the clean aesthetic of Denise’s stunning but small home, which she describes as a “light-filled atrium.”

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10. A 325-Square-Foot NYC Studio Is Cute and Sophisticated

As soon as she signed the lease, Lauren Rubcic set out to fill her 325-square-foot New York City loft with feminine energy. She did so by envisioning the open space as an homage to all the women she holds dear. The lofted bed was a huge win since it afforded her much extra space in her small apartment. She’s created a peaceful living room with a TV, which flows neatly into her main living area and small kitchen. 

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