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3 Core Spots That Need a Deep Cleaning in Your Bathroom Right Now

published Apr 17, 2024
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You most likely have a regular cleaning routine when it comes to your bathroom, but if you’re anything like me, when you’re faced with something that requires even more work — I’m talking to you, shower head — you might put it off for another day. 

Well, how about we do one of those “saved for another day” tasks today? Let’s make moves to get the bathroom cleaner by targeting one of its sore spots. 

Day 3: Deep clean the bathroom.

You might want to take on this assignment, along with your regularly scheduled bathroom cleaning, as one big task. Or, you can just focus on one target area that you want to dig into. It’s completely up to you. Pick and choose what you want to work on today — you could even space things out to work on over the next few days or weeks, too. Here are some target areas.

Take everything out of your bathroom — and clean those things. 

This includes things inside the shower or tub (shower products like shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc., and a shower caddy), outside it (like the curtain, liner, and items on your shelves and counters), and on the floor (such as the bath mat, trash can, toilet cleaner, and plunger). Throw anything that can be machine-washed into the washer, then wipe down all your products and items.

Focus on the shower or tub.

You can choose to work your way from top to bottom or pick what you want to work on and skip the rest.

  • Clean the shower head. For a quick clean, you could simply wipe it down with some all-purpose cleaner. But, for something deeper, you should consider soaking it in vinegar to remove buildup. 
  • Wipe down any shelves and shower niches. You should also get the high shelf by your window if you have one, especially if you store things up there.
  • Scrub your shower or tub. Working from top to bottom, use a dedicated shower cleaner or plain dish soap with this award-winning scrub brush to clean. You may need to let your cleaner sit to let it work its magic — just be sure to check the instructions and properly ventilate the room. Don’t forget to scrub the shower door, too, and see if there is any soap scum or mineral deposits.
  • Clean the grout. Take special care to look at any dingy or moldy areas. (Here’s how to identify mold and mildew.) Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda are a great combo to use against stubborn grout grime. 
  • Spray everything down. Now that you’ve scrubbed everything, spray it all down with water. 

Clean the toilet. 

Start by cleaning inside the toilet and let the cleaner work its magic. Then, scrub all around the toilet — including the back and the walls! If you can, remove the seat to clean the hinges. When you’re all done, flush the toilet.

PRO TIP: If you find yourself having trouble reaching spaces, whether because it’s too out of reach or too hard to get to, you might want to invest in a tool like the Voweek Electric Spin Scrubber, which was a winner in our 2024 Cleaning Awards.

What did you clean today? Share in the comments below.

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