3 Easy Ways to Fold a Shirt to Maximize Storage Space and Minimize Wrinkles

published Sep 14, 2022
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Bedroom photo with stack of t-shirts folded on bed. Laundry hamper nearby
Credit: Sarah Crowley

Neatly folded shirts are a hallmark of a well-organized closet — but what’s the best way to do it? The truth is, there’s no one “right” way to fold your shirts. It all depends on your personal preference and how you want to store them in a drawer.

That said, once you adopt your go-to shirt-folding method, it’s a good idea to stay consistent — your dresser drawer will look so much more organized if everything’s folded the same way. 

Want to learn how to keep your tees neat and tidy? Here’s how to fold a shirt to maximize storage space and minimize wrinkles. 

How to fold a shirt

Credit: Sarah Crowley

Step 1: Lay the shirt flat.

First, lay the shirt facing down on a flat surface, like a clean table or the floor. 

Credit: Sarah Crowley

Step 2: Smooth it out.

Remove any visible scrunches or wrinkles with your hands before folding. If you notice any major wrinkles, iron the shirt before you begin. 

Credit: Sarah Crowley

Step 3: Fold the shirt in thirds.

Fold either side of the shirt toward the center, gripping the sleeve and turning it inward. Then, fold the other side so the opposite sleeve covers the first one. The shirt should now be in thirds, with both sleeves facing the center of the back. 

Credit: Sarah Crowley

Step 4: Fold the shirt in half.

Grab the hem of the shirt with both hands, and bring it up to the collar, ensuring the sleeves stay in place. The folded shirt will look like a rectangle when you’re done. If you turn the shirt over, you can stop here and put it away. 

Credit: Sarah Crowley

Step 5: Fold it in half once more.

If you want the shirt to be more compact, or to store it upright, you can keep the shirt facedown and fold it in half once more. You’ll end up with a smaller rectangle. 

Additionally, here are two more ways to fold a shirt to efficiently pack it in your dresser drawers.

Credit: Sarah Crowley

The Japanese folding method 

Step 1: Lay the shirt with the top facing up, with the neck on the right side and the hem on your left. Be sure to smooth out any visible bunches or wrinkles. 

Step 2: Using your right hand, pinch the shirt between the shoulder and neck, then pinch halfway down the shirt with your left hand. Cross your right hand over the left hand, moving the top pinched corner to the hem of the shirt. 

Step 3: Pick up the shirt, pull your left arm through, and uncross your arms. 

Step 4: Lastly, drag the shirt along the table to straighten out the sleeves and flip one side over the other. 

The KonMari method for folding shirts

Step 1: Lay the shirt on a flat surface, with the top and the neck facing up.

Step 2: Smooth out any visible wrinkles or bunches.

Step 3: Fold one side of the shirt across the other, so the edge of the sleeve is about ¾ of the way across (not touching the other sleeve).

Step 4: Fold the sleeve the opposite way.

Step 5: Fold the other side of the shirt the same way, stopping about ¾ of the way across.

Step 6: Fold the other sleeve the opposite way. The shirt should appear like a rectangle.

Step 7: Fold the rectangle in half lengthwise, leaving a little gap at the edge.

Step 8: Fold it again lengthwise in half or thirds. You should be able to stand the shirt up in your drawer to save space and make it easy to browse through your selection!