How to Fold Towels Like They Do at the Spa

published Dec 24, 2021
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When I’m behind on laundry (which is pretty much almost always), neatly folded clothes or towels are the first thing to go. At first, it seems like shoving loosely folded stuff into my dresser or linen closet is going to save me time. But when I have to deal with the fallout, I start to think twice. Mindlessly shoving clothes into a drawer means more time spent searching (and ironing), and towels bunched up in a closet is just a straight-up waste of space. So I’ve resolved to take more time to fold my clean laundry, even if it’s inconvenient. 

Folding T-shirts and pants is pretty straightforward. (I’ll never forget the folding strategies I learned and practiced working at a department store in high school.) Until now, however, I haven’t found an efficient way to handle my towels. Even if I make the effort, I’m just never totally happy with how my linen closet looks. And when my kids or I grab a towel, pretty much everything ends up disheveled again anyway. 

Unsurprisingly, pro cleaner Vanesa Amaro — a TikTok sensation who generously shares cleaning tips and product picks with her millions of followers — has a fix for that. In a video she posted in October, Amaro solved my problem by demonstrating how to fold a towel just like they do at the spa. It’s a whole lot easier (and faster) than you would think, and the results are SO satisfying. 

Here’s how Amaro suggests folding a towel: First, lay your unfolded towel on a flat surface — a table or a clean floor work well. Then, grab the corner with the tag on it, and fold it over to make a small triangle. (The triangle should be smooth and completely flat before you move on.) Next, horizontally fold the top corner of the section opposite the triangle. Carefully flip the entire partially-folded towel over — you should see one pointed corner on the upper right. 

Finally — this is the best part! — tightly roll the towel, starting at the opposite end, until the entire towel is rolled up. The remaining towel (the triangle end) should tuck into the pocket on the outside. 

Once you’re finished, use the pretty towel to decorate your bathroom or save space in a linen closet or towel basket. After that, plan yourself an at-home spa day to make use of your newly pretty towels — you deserve it!