How to Get Organized Before the End of the Year

updated Oct 11, 2022
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With the holidays creeping up, it’s easy to feel like life has gotten away from you. But you don’t have to wait until New Year’s resolutions to get a grip on the areas of your life that are bogging you down. In fact, making organization a priority here in the home stretch of 2017 will set you up for success next year, with a snowballing plan to get your life in order. Here’s how to get it started…

1. Decide Where to Start

What area of your life is feeling the most chaotic? Try to narrow it down to a particular space in your home, or a specific area of your life. Perhaps your wreck of a bedroom is driving you crazy? Or you can’t seem to get it together to cook dinner at home? Pinpoint what’s causing you the most stress and focus on just that zone in order to take a gargantuan goal (like “get organized”) down to something achievable (like “sort out the home office”).

2. Narrow Down the Problem

“Disorganized” is a catch-all word that doesn’t really mean anything by itself. Is the problem clutter, or is it time management? Maybe it’s a matter of keeping up with personal obligations. There’s a great article from Forbes that helps to make sense of the different aspects of being organized, if you need help narrowing down the problem.

3. Make a List and Get to Work

Now that you have an area to target and a firm grasp on the problem at hand, make a list of specific, measurable tasks that you can do between now and the end of the year. Here’s what that might look like:

Area: Messy bedroom full of clothes

Problem: Clutter


  • Donate half of the clothes
  • Buy enough hangers for everything else (and employ the hanger trick)
  • Buy an over-the-door hook to manage clothing purgatory
Always late and missing appointments

Problem: Time management


  • Create a landing strip (no more searching for keys)
  • Plan outfits the night before
  • Organize digital planner

There’s no shortcut to staying organized. At the end of that day, it’s going to be about planning and willpower. Stay strong, people, and lets get through the holidays together!

How do you get organized when it’s all fallen apart?

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