9 Efficient Ways to Hang Jeans That’ll Save Space in Your Closet

published Aug 31, 2023
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Many blue denim jeans hanging on white clothes hangers on clothing rack. Close up of folded casual denim jeans in wardrobe with coat hangers
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Whether you’re short on dresser space or you just prefer to keep your wardrobe easily accessible, hanging your jeans — or, honestly, any other pants — instead of putting them in a drawer or on a shelf can be a great approach. The problem is, most people own several pairs of jeans, so it can be hard to figure out the most space-effective way to hang them. 

Quick Overview

How to Hang Jeans

Here are nine ways to hang jeans to save space in your closet.

  • Opt for over-the-door storage.
  • Fold vertically.
  • Try clip hangers.
  • Consider kids’ hangers.
  • Use vertical hangers.
  • Add more horizontal space.
  • Invest in a closet rod expander.
  • Use clamp hangers.
  • Buy S-hooks.

Thankfully, you’ve got plenty of great options — and none of them involve completely overhauling your existing closet. Here’s how to hang jeans in nine efficient ways that’ll save space in your closet, according to organizing pros.

Opt for over-the-door storage.

Tight on space? Go for over-the-door storage solutions that give you extra hooks where you can hang your pants. “These are great for making use of all the vertical space you might not be utilizing,” says Nathaly Vieira, owner of the cleaning and organizing company InspireClean. “Just make sure whatever you choose is sturdy enough for your pants and won’t come undone when you open the door.”

Fold vertically with the zippers.

To keep things looking neat — and hopefully, save a few inches in the process — think about how you hang your pants, not just where. Pro organizer Ashley La Fond recommends folding jeans vertically with zippers to create a flat fold. Then, place them on the hanger with the inseam facing the wall so you have a cleaner line that faces outward. “Make sure your waistband and pant legs are draped evenly so they meet at the same height,” she says.

Try clip hangers.

For pants and trousers — and jeans, too! — try clip hangers like these, which can prevent creases and keep your closet from getting cramped. “Fold pants along their natural seams to maintain pleats and then hang them vertically with the clips,” La Fond suggests. As a bonus, clip hangers are slim, so they can save space if your closet is cramped.

Consider kids’ hangers.

Have a lot of jeans? If that’s the case, La Fond suggests trying out kids’ hangers. Their smaller size means pants balance evenly, without sliding or leaving a lot of extra hanger sticking out. It’s a great hack for a narrow closet!

Store more with vertical hangers.

Another clever way to make use of vertical space, so you don’t end up cramming your rod: Buy a few vertical hangers that hold several pairs of pants. “Look for padded arms to prevent sliding and wrinkles,” suggests professional organizer Jan Arkwright.

Add more horizontal storage.

If you would prefer to use regular hangers rather than specialty organizers, Arkwright recommends purchasing add-ons that give you more storage space, such as these durable metal rods you can easily secure to a shelf or wall in your closet.

Invest in a closet rod expander.

You can also create more hanging space for jeans, or really anything else, with a rod expander — double the space, without wasting the valuable real estate below your closet rod. Arkwright likes this popular option from the Container Store.

Use clamp hangers.

Hangers with clamps are another easy way to hang jeans, says pro organizer and KonMari consultant Raychel Klein. “Lay the pants flat and fold them in half vertically so the legs match each other, then take the cuff of the pants and insert it into the open clamp hanger with the edges lined up,” she says. These clamp hangers have a slim design to save space, but they’re also heavy-duty enough to grip your jeans well.

Buy S-hooks.

Another popular way to organize jeans: Add S-hooks to your closet rod rather than hangers! These Amazon hooks come in different colors, so you can match your rods. Fold them, buttoned and zipped, with the pockets in, and add an S-hook to the back belt buckles.