How To Make a Book Cover Disguise For Your Wireless Router

published May 29, 2012
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My philosophy about technology in the home is akin to a strict private school headmaster’s opinion about children: technology should neither be seen nor heard until required/requested. Even though Apple’s Airport router is fairly benign aesthetically, I prefer to keep the wireless router tucked inside a floating shelf, next to other blinking light culprits like the cable modem and home security system, a trio of otherwise mismatched clutter if left out all together. But what if you have to keep a device out in the open? That’s what Ana Maria faced with her eyesore device until she devised a brilliant solution…

Ana Maria Muñoz of blog, Anumu, and The Pond Market shares her tale:

In order to receive wi-fi signal throughout the rest of the flat, our router must be placed in a prominent location of the living room. This diva signal initially left us with an eyesore of an ugly, blinking light box and I hated it. I did everything I could to camouflage it by setting picture frames and flower-filled vases in front of it.

One day, after I had complained enough about it, Joe had the brilliant idea to cover it with a book. Heellooo….yes, so obvious and so perfect! A few days later he came home with a vintage book he bought for 50p (cents) and got to work with his trusty blade. It took less than a minute to cut the pages out and bend the spine to widen the overall fit. Once the cover was placed over the router I saw the true brilliance of Joe’s idea – simple, practical, and effective.

Sadly, Ana Maria sacrificed a book I would have personally would have preferred spared. “California Gardens”, with many personal notes, paper clippings and quotations from its previous owner…such a lovely book sacrificed to see another life as a disguise for a mundane, but necessary bit of tech. Nevertheless, the project is an admirable and ingenious solution easy to emulate, regardless of the tome chosen.

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