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5 Gorgeous Built-In Redos Prove 2022's Trendiest Color Has Staying Power in 2023
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After a pricey quote from professionals, this homeowner looked to removing the popcorn ceilings herself but didn't want the mess. Here's how she transformed the ceiling instead.
Oct 31, 2022
Great DIY Desks with IKEA Countertops and LegsProjects & Improvements
This is a pearl of wisdom that I received years ago and wanted to bring back right now. When in need of a really simple, nice, natural material desk, use IKEA butcherblock countertop (which is cuttable, sandable, stainable and paintable) and some cool legs (like the Vika Inge style seen here, which has been replaced with Vika Runtorp).
Oct 12, 2022
B&A: A Blank BILLY Bookcase Gets a Bespoke Textured Treatment for $300
"There's nothing like that instant gratification feeling of completing a project like this over a weekend," this YouTuber and DIYer says of her two-day project.
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B&A: An Unruly Office Gets an Organized, IKEA-Hacked Redo for $2,500Projects & Improvements
"I have space to store items rather than having them out in the open," this homeowner says of her "after." "Overall it’s a lighter and brighter space."
Aug 17, 2022
B&A: DIY Built-Ins and Dramatic Paint Transform This Family's Reading Room
"The only thing we would do differently is doing it earlier," these homeowners say of their DIY project. "It has really made the space feel purposeful."
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This complete basement overhaul was a three-year labor of love.
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B&A: A $2,500 DIY Redo Turns a Dingy Basement into a Bright Yet Cozy HangoutProjects & Improvements
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B&A: A 1987 "Dumping Ground" Basement Becomes a Cozy, Inviting Hangout SpaceProjects & Improvements
This basement went from "cold, dated, dark, and dreary" to "light, bright, stylish living area."
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Before and After: 2 IKEA BESTAS Become a Beautiful Blue Desk (for $450 Total!)
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"One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to interior design is not utilizing perfectly good space!" this DIYer says. This project leaves no usable inch untouched.
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B&A: A $4,000 Spare Bedroom-Turned-Home Office Includes a Semi-Custom Murphy Bed
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B&A: A Practical $700 Hallway-Turned-Home Office Created with an IKEA PAX
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Before and After: A Renter-Friendly $67 IKEA Hack Rescues a "Dreaded Boob Light"Projects & Improvements
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B&A: A Basic Office Space Gets a Luxe-Looking Redo That's Actually IKEA
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B&A: Most of the Furniture in This $420 Playroom Is Built From ScratchProjects & Improvements
This playroom is like a mini studio apartment. "I am so proud that I built almost everything in here with my own two hands," the homeowner says.
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I wanted to give her a space that made her happy — and I think I nailed it.
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A few small tweaks made this space more stylish (and less distracting).
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Before & After: A $2,200 Redo Turns a Cluttered Home Office into a Stylish HavenProjects & Improvements
Your workspace might be a practical necessity, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't inspire you.
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