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How To Make a Succulent Wreath

updated May 4, 2019
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(Image credit: Kim Lucian)

I took a trip to the craft store a couple of weeks ago with the intention of picking up a few Christmas decorations. On a whim I decided to DIY my own succulent wreath, and walked out with my arms filled with supplies. I love the idea of decorations that can easily be modified and used year round. When the season is up I plan to remove the bow and hang my wreath outside.

What You Need

Materials (Approximate cost: $15)

  • Dry Sphagnum or Peat Moss
  • Wire Wreath Frame
  • Floral Wire
  • Floral Pins
  • Succulent Cuttings
  • Burlap Ribbon (optional)
  • Rustic Floral Wire (optional)


  • Pencil
  • Scissors


(Image credit: Kim Lucian)

1. Gather supplies and take succulent cuttings approximately 1-2″ long. Arrange cuttings around wreath base until you have enough to fill it out.

(Image credit: Kim Lucian)

2. Remove leaves from the base of stem and trim end. Let cuttings sit overnight to give the cut time to heal and aid in the forming of roots. I draped my cuttings over the wire frame to keep them elevated.

(Image credit: Kim Lucian)

3. The next day, soak moss and wring out. Cut or tear into pieces and fill wreath form. If your wreath comes in two pieces as mine did, wrap floral wire around both to form your base.

(Image credit: Kim Lucian)

4. Use a pencil to create space in the moss for the stem of cuttings. Pin each succulent in place with floral pins.

5. I finished mine off with a burlap ribbon and hung it with rustic floral wire.

(Image credit: Kim Lucian)

6. Hang and enjoy! Water by soaking the moss every two weeks.