5 Ways to Keep Up with Your 2020 Fitness Goals (And the Tools to Help You Do It)

published Jan 22, 2020
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Setting goals and making resolutions for the year ahead is par for the course in January, and it’s definitely not too late to get started (or get motivated again if you’re losing steam). Whether you want to be more active for your health or are interested in adding variety to your current fitness routine, changing your fitness habits doesn’t have to be a challenge—in fact, it can even be fun. We checked out our archives and found the best fitness advice we’ve offered through the years, from tips and tricks to smart product recommendations that’ll help you reach whatever your fitness goals for the year are.

Work out at home

As you can probably imagine, we’ve covered at-home workouts pretty extensively here at AT. As it turns out, you can create a whole exercise regimen around a chair or even your bed. You don’t even need equipment to make it work, although there are plenty of small space-friendly workouts that use equipment if you prefer. Among our favorite tips? Make sure your space is decluttered, create a motivating playlist to get you moving, and, if you do use equipment, make sure you have a good storage solution to keep it all in one place. (You can also turn to some smart DIYs!)

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Download a workout app

There are tons of ways to keep track of your activity levels, whether you use an app, a Fitbit, or a combination of the two. Apps like Couch to 5K and Strava are designed to help you get into a running routine, while the Nike Training Club app gives you access to dozens of workouts that you can do at home or at the gym. And if you’re looking for an app that’ll connect you to gyms in your area, you can’t go wrong with ClassPass, which lets you try different classes without committing to a specific routine or gym right away. Plans start at $19/month, and it’s available in 2,500 cities worldwide.

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Find workout equipment you’ll want to use

In other words, implement changes that you actually like and make you feel good. I remember when I invested in actual workout clothes (instead of wearing the same old t-shirt over and over again), I wanted to work out more so I could wear them. Same goes for a colorful yoga mat, nice water bottle, and even equipment. We’ve covered plenty of great products for supporting an active lifestyle, including budget-friendly finds from Amazon, gym bags that don’t look like gym bags, and even a smart $10 purifying bag that keeps your gym bag smelling fresh.

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Start small with daily stretches or walks

You don’t have to dedicate hours to your workout regime, or at least you don’t have to jump into that right away. Instead, you can start small, with short daily stretches or walks. Spend most of your day sitting at a desk? There are plenty of stretches to try that’ll ease muscle tightness (bonus points if you have a foam roller). Only have five minutes to spare? We found some easy 5-minute stretches you can do. The key is to get into a habit, and use these simple activities as a jumping off point for bigger workouts (or not!).

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Find a workout buddy

If you have a hard time motivating yourself to do something active, especially after a long day or during a lazy weekend, consider using the buddy system. Whether you have a running partner, a friend to go to the gym with, or a roommate who does at-home exercises with you, having another person there to keep you accountable is a huge motivator. From another perspective, you can even look into finding a personal trainer—sites like FYT make it easier than ever to find vetted certified trainers in your area.

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