14 IKEA TRONES Hacks That’ll Zhuzh Up This Basic Storage Unit

updated Sep 25, 2023
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We just can’t resist a good IKEA hack. But rather than an EKET hack or a KALLAX hack, this hack features one of the brand’s easily adaptable storage shelves. While originally intended to hold shoes (and other hallway paraphernalia), the IKEA TRONES storage unit can go far beyond its said purpose. This plastic storage unit is intended for light storage, and won’t be capable of holding heavy items. 

When it comes to putting a new spin on this piece, you can do something as simple as stacking a few in a unique arrangement — or get more detailed by replacing pulls, painting the boxes, and creating floating units. This piece is full of potential! Grab your RASKOG cart of DIY supplies and scroll through this series of unique ways to revamp a classic IKEA TRONES cabinet system.

1. Add storage under a bay window.

This row of IKEA Trone cubbies shown here by @bungalow_on_baker perfectly adds to the beachy vibe of this living room. Topped with a neutral wooden board, they’re a great place to stow belongings while gazing out the window.

2. Create multi-level storage.

This clever storage unit designed by @shiri_amoray is a neat way to use the IKEA Trone system in a few different configurations. The right side features the three-cabinet vertical storage, while the rest is made of the shorter, two-cabinet system. It comes together to create a visually interesting storage space.

Credit: @mel_lanie

3. Use it to create a room divider.

This small space by @mel_lanie is cleverly designed using a room divider with two rows of mounted IKEA Trone cabinets. It’s a great example of how the slim Trone system can be used to add additional storage even to the smallest of spaces.

4. Make a headboard.

Short on bedside storage? Create a headboard from IKEA Trone cabinets, like the one shown here by @thepilkstersfirsthome. They’ve even added LED strips to create a backlit effect, which is perfect for nighttime reading.

5. Cover it.

Instagram user @lucihelen_athome decided to cover her Trones system with an attractive wallpaper. She designed it so that a single drawer pull opens two cabinets at once. It’s a unique spin on this classic piece. 

6. Stack three together.

Need additional storage? Try stacking three Trones cabinets side by side for an ample piece of furniture that meets your needs. We love the chic piece @kleinmaarfijn37 made using three Trones cabinets painted black.

7. Add a chic ledge.

A pretty wooden ledge instantly transforms these drawers from Petite Jeanne. It also gives plenty of options for decor by giving you a bit of space for vases, flowers, garlands, and picture frames.

8. Create end-of-bed storage.

Instead of bulking up the foot of your bed with a wide dresser or drawers, follow the lead of Sonia López Guardiola, who added a set of TRONES as a sleek and narrow storage solution.

9. Turn it classic black.

This sharp and sophisticated color choice from Susanne Bloos shows how a basic shelving unit can be completely transformed with a coat of paint. If black isn’t doesn’t suit your fancy, any bold color will do.

10. Replace the pulls.

Something as simple as switching out the hardware, like what Patricia Abella did, can make a huge difference. These pretty leather pulls and the wooden ledge take TRONES and turn it into a stylish unit worthy of your Instagram feed.

11. Stack them vertically

Piling your drawers atop one another creates some fun visual interest, especially in a place like your front entryway. Kyle Sito Westcott added a piece of artwork next to hers for a cool lengthening effect.

Credit: Cathy Ho

12. Make a staircase console.

Options for bottom-of-the-stairs (or top!) storage are tough to find, considering how small the space can be. Instead of spending hours searching, try out this idea from Cathy Ho of Home in Suffolk, who set up two TRONES between her stairs and coat rack.

13. Create functional laundry room storage.

Small spaces aren’t very forgiving when it comes to installing storage. Instead of cramping up your area, use a set of TRONES to store supplies, like this neat little laundry room set up from Frankie Browne.

14. Turn it into a floating vanity.

Marta Kopylenko of Marta Kop Home painted her TRONES a stylish black and installed it as a floating console. Rather than your classic vanity, this is a minimalist version that takes up zero floor space.