How to Layout 4 Tricky Bedroom Floorplans with Two Twin Beds

updated Jun 8, 2023
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Perfect for young siblings sharing or a versatile guest room, there’s something downright lovely about a room with two twin beds. But double the style is often double the trouble—not all rooms allow for a traditionally symmetrical layout, and two sleepers often means two bedside tables, two chests of drawers, two desks, etc. This can be even trickier if you have a small bedroom with limited space. These layout ideas will help you tackle the design conundrum of what to do with two twin beds.

How to Work With Tricky Bedroom Floor Plans

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A great shape for a queen or double bed, a square bedroom can feel a bit cramped with two twins. Here, the problem is helped by a shared central chest of drawers, making it a tallboy helps with storage and privacy. On the other side of the room, an extra-long desk or wardrobe works for both inhabitants of the room. Add in two compact side tables, and this room has everything it needs to function (and look great).

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Long and Narrow

This is a great bedroom type for twin beds, as the proportions mimic that of the beds themselves, and there’s space to spread out. Placing the beds lengthwise as daybeds makes the best use of the floor space, and allows a pleasing symmetrical layout. Put an extra table in between the beds, or make this a chest of drawers or an open bookshelf for more privacy.

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An L-shaped room gives the opportunity to almost create two separate bedrooms, making it a perfect fit for twin beds. Here, the beds are pushed into the corners (not usually a problem for twin beds, as you only need access from one side) and paired with two desks, while the inhabitants’ chests of drawers are together under the windows.

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Multiple Doors

Walk-in closets and ensuites are great things to have, but a room with multiple doors can be frustrating to arrange. Here you might have to forgo all sense of symmetry, and focus on flow from each doorway. So long as the pathways are clear and each user has an equal-ish amount of floorspace, it should be fine.

Ideas for Putting Two Twin Beds in a Small Room

Credit: Camille Lai

1. Place a table between beds.

A table or nightstand placed between two twin beds can be a great way for both occupants to place items, like books or alarm clocks. This table in this Florida bedroom, which is actually a converted garage, displays this option beautifully.

2. Add a lamp between the beds.

Wondering how to handle lighting in a room with two beds? Simply place a lamp on a bedside table in between the two twin beds for an effective lighting solution for both beds. Check out the bedroom in this Georgia home for inspiration. 

3. Place beds opposite the dresser.

Even if you’re forced to place both twin beds next to one another on one wall, you can break up the space by placing a dresser against an opposite wall, like in the bedroom of this North Carolina home

4. Arrange the beds in an L-shape.

No room to place two beds side by side? Take a cue from this bedroom by @lindas_rooms and place them in an L shape to open the room up a bit.