Step Aside, Mushroom Lamp: IKEA’s New Donut Lamp Is the Next “It” Lighting Trend

published Jan 24, 2023
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2022 was all about the mushroom silhouette. Everything from mushroom drinking glasses and candles to the ever-popular mushroom table lamp dominated home decor. Now, there’s a new shape that seems to be taking center stage in terms of lighting specifically: the donut.

You’ve probably already seen donut-shaped vases from H&M or even similar table lamp styles constructed with round, bangle bracelet-esque hollow bases. However, IKEA’s latest VARMBLIXT collection, created in partnership with Rotterdam-based designer Sabine Marcelis (also known for her candy cube tables), includes a sculptural lamp design that looks like a straight-up — albeit surprisingly stylish — glowing donut. Called the VARMBLIXT LED Table/Wall Lamp, this super-unique lighting fixture lays completely flat on any surface, including flush when hung on a wall. Other donut-inspired decor pieces I’ve seen before have been limited just to tabletops, usually with an upright orientation or a half-donut shade of sorts. So this lamp already feels like the first of its kind.

Credit: IKEA

Not only that, but IKEA’S VARMBLIXT LED donut lamp brings refreshing retro vibes to the table — or dresser, desk, countertop, or gallery wall. The delicate orange construction feels reminiscent of high-quality vintage glassware styles, making this come across as way more expensive-looking and rare than it actually is, all while costing just $49.99.

While I don’t foresee the fun, organic trend of the mushroom lamp — which IKEA has also tapped into via the compact TOKABO style — disappearing any time soon, this circular lighting newcomer arguably doubles as even more of an interesting interior focal point. Count on the versatile donut design to modernize blank wall space, whether solo or paired alongside an art collection, hung from just about any height. This lamp is also a genius way to add warm mood lighting to smaller spaces, since the transparent style can rest on top of an existing surface without seeming clunky. Above all, this lamp is the ultimate conversation starter, too, even unlit: Who wouldn’t “ooh” and “ahh” over a decorative donut?

Credit: IKEA

The IKEA x Sabine Marcelis collection doesn’t officially launch in stores and online until next month, so you won’t be able to get your hands on one of these just yet. Because the style’s still so new, it has yet to be fully copied by other home brands. That said, if you’re itching to get your donut-shaped decor fix ASAP, turn to a playful orange lookalike from Lumens, a donut-mushroom hybrid (yes, really!) from Etsy, or even a donut wicker pendant from Amazon. Because you heard it here first: 2023 is easily shaping up to become the year of the donut lamp, whether glazed in glass or not.