A TikToker Turned an IKEA Cabinet into an Indoor Greenhouse (and It’s Gorgeous)

published Mar 29, 2024
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Part of the appeal of shopping at IKEA is how easily you can create stunning projects using the brand’s affordable furniture, from turning a storage cube shelf into a kitchen island to creating a bathroom caddy out of a wine rack. The latest ingenious hack? A TikToker transforming a simple, white $50 shelf into a full-service greenhouse.

In a recent viral video, TikTok content creator Michelle (@ohtheplacesyoullgrow) showed off how she turned IKEA’s BAGGEBO cabinet into the perfect home for her plant babies.

First, Michelle used a hole saw to make a simple hole in the bottom shelf for all of the greenhouse power cords to go through. After assembling the cabinet itself, she sealed the cabinet’s mesh sides using a $5 window sealing kit and sealed the gaps around the cabinet door using foam weather strips. Michelle chose to swap out the cabinet’s original glass shelves with acrylic shelves, before attaching IKEA’s Barinna Grow Light onto the shelves. 

Next, she installed pegboards on the cabinet’s back wall. Finally, she added computer fans to circulate air around the plants, and there you have it! A fully functional greenhouse for 20 plants.

Since Michelle shared her TikTok on March 22, the video has received over 9,265 likes and 166,300 views. “You inspired me to make one already and now I’m picking another one up tomorrow,” one TikToker commented.

“Still the best thing I created for my humidity-loving plants and for crossing seedlings 🌱,” another commenter wrote.

If you need a smaller greenhouse for your plants, good news! IKEA sells a tiny, 17 3/4” greenhouse called the ÅKERBÄR for $22.99. It’s available in yellow, black, and white, so you can coordinate it with your DIY IKEA greenhouse cabinet or get creative.