Before and After: This IKEA KALLAX Wine Rack Hack Comes Together in 30 Minutes

published Jul 19, 2023
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Ikea bookshelf before hacking into wine bar.

If you’re inspired by IKEA hacks but are a DIY novice looking for something easy to start out with, this KALLAX hack is your friend. Pro organizer Ashley Nariman of Clear Spaces Organizing Co. created a cute wine rack out of IKEA’s iconic KALLAX using the four-cube version.

If you need to buy the KALLAX new, this project will run you about $120. If you already own a KALLAX (or other similar storage cubbies), it’ll cost you just $40. 

To create her small space-friendly wine bar, Ashley flipped her black KALLAX upside down and then drilled in $20 attachable wine glass holders that fit within the cubes. Flipping the piece upside down is a crucial step, Ashley says, because even though the measurements are the same regardless, only one side shows open pre-fab holes for the shelves. Giving the shelf a flip hides those.

The only tool required was a drill because the wine glass racks came with screws, so the project can be done in under 30 minutes, even if you’re a beginner. 

The great part about this hack (and what makes it such a good hack to start with) is that it’s very customizable. The KALLAX comes in four colorways, and if you don’t like those colors, you can paint it or cover it in peel-and-stick and still drill in the hardware for a more vibrant look. (For more tips on painting the KALLAX, read this.)

Ashley chose silver wine racks, but you could also opt for black or gold. If you want something bolder, grab a can of spray paint and paint them whatever color your heart desires.

For further customization, you could also opt for an eight-cube or (for the real sommelier types out there) 25-cube KALLAX to fill a larger space; just add a few minutes onto your estimated drill and installation time. Not into wine? You could create a coffee bar instead with just one tweak: drill-on mug hangers instead of wine glass holders. (Ashley’s done that project, too!) You just have to make sure whatever attachments you use are less than 13 1/4 inches wide, as that’s the interior measurement of one cubby.

Ashley finished off her project with wicker baskets in the lower two cubbies, a tray with her favorite bottles of vino up top, a fern, and her collection of wine glasses. Ready to fill in your own wine bar? Take a peek at these under-$10 wine glasses that are ultra-chic.

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