IKEA Just Dropped a New Find That’ll Transform Your Houseplant Collection

published Jul 8, 2024
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Back in March, IKEA announced it was releasing a brand new line of work-from-home furniture centered around building the perfect workspace. Now, IKEA’s MITTZON line is available online and features flexible sitting and standing desks, acoustic screens to filter out distracting noises, sleek conference tables, and more — but there’s one piece that stands out from the rest solely because it’s endlessly versatile. It’s a rolling shelf system that is going to change the way you display your houseplants forever.

The MITTZON Frame with Castors is a rolling shelf system meant to divide spaces and create a room within a room. And the containers attached to each rung of the ladder-style shelf might’ve been made with work in mind, but they’re ingenious for your plants.

“Dress the frame with containers for plants and add greenery,” the description of the MITTZON shelf on IKEA’s website reads. “Elements of nature can help increase your ability to focus and well-being.”

There’s another version of the MITTZON shelf that features two bucket-style rungs and two shelf rungs so you can display plants and other items, like pencils, pens, and other work-adjacent items. And the great thing about the castors is that the shelf is easy to move between locations and the wheels also lock when it’s in place.

You can also buy a “blank” MITTZON frame and install your own shelving based on what you want to display or plant. The entire thing is modular, so you can rearrange the boxes and shelves however you’d like. 

This piece allows you to use your houseplant collection to divide a room into two separate spaces or just contain your plants to a single area. You’ll find endless ways to use the MITTZON frame and shelves and yes, this is definitely an excuse to go buy more plants (as if you needed my permission!).