10 Underrated Things to Buy at IKEA If You’re Moving (Or Just Have a Lot of Stuff)

published Jul 11, 2019
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

IKEA is a popular first destination for the recently moved. They literally have anything you’d need to fill a house. If you need to start from zero or just fill in a few gaps, its an easy and efficient way to do it on the cheap. But if you’re holding off on an IKEA run until after move-in day, you’re missing out big time. For starters, they have an entire moving line, OMBYTE, that proves IKEA can even making moving—you know, the stressful event people say’s up there with death and divorce?—chic. Many of their other beloved products, too, can help make your move feel breezier. The best part? This isn’t single use stuff. (Almost) all of it will still be useful after the move!

Here, 10 low-key shopping heroes we love (plus a “I can’t believe they have that! service”):

1. OMBYTE moving boxes

It’s entirely possible to move without paying for a single box, but you may find a few well-made, new boxes (with handles!) come in handy even if you’re committed to mostly repurposing. Having one, easy-to-spot box with first-to-unpack essentials, like chargers and a few changes of clothes, will revolutionize your night after a draining day of moving. Afterwards, it’s sturdy enough for reuse as a regular storage box. Or save yourself the trouble for your next move and store them. (We’d recommend putting them in one of those big air seal bags to protect against pests like cockroaches!)

2. FIXA tape measurer

During moving, suddenly knowing the length, width, and height of things becomes important. Do you need to know if a couch you assembled after it arrived in your home will fit out the door? Need to measure something for the moving company? What size box do you need? A measuring tape will tell you pre-move and come in handy post-move when you need to figure out what size coffee table/dresser/couch will fit in your new place.

3. OMBYTE moving blanket

This is the first moving blanket we’ve ever seen that you’ll want to keep around after moving. Made from recycled polyester, it will resist ripping and tearing as it protects your TV, furniture, or framed art. Afterwards, it can be used as a throw blanket.

4. FIXA stick-on floor protectors

That security deposit is so close you can almost taste it! Prevent floor scratches (and get everything back money-wise from your landlord) by placing these on heavier pieces before moving. Once you get into your new place, stick the remaining protectors on chair or couch legs to prevent any damage to those gorgeous new floors.

5. OMBYTE bag

Soft bags can be easier-to-tote (and more sturdy!) alternatives to boxes. This stylish one can be carried in your hands or worn on your back. Afterwards, use it as a laundry or grocery bag. After all, it can be much easier to tote clothes or dry goods in a backpack.

6. OMBYTE tape

Another OMBYTE piece that totally jazzes up boring basics, this tape holds boxes together now and will make your holiday gifts way more fun later. The dispenser (sold separately) works with standard two-inch wide tape, too, saving you from schlepping to IKEA every time you need a refill.

7. KLYVÄSKA cooler bag

A cooler bag serves two purposes during a move: First, easily saving and transporting perfectly good frozen or refrigerated food from one apartment to the next. And, now, for the second use, something entirely different: The insulation in cooler bags has a padding-like effect, meaning it’s perfect for transporting small, breakable items with a bit more TLC than a box—no single-use plastic wrap needed.

8. SOCKERBIT storage box with lid

Sturdier than cardboard, plastic storage totes can be a great way to pack and move items that will likely stay in storage for a while, like seasonal clothes or sports equipment. Planning on transporting some heavier stuff? They also have a box with casters.

9. OMBYTE dividers

Customizable dividers allow you to both better organize your boxes and protect the contents. These inexpensive units are great for boxes with small items, like kitchen tools.

10. FRAKTA shopping bag

And finally, the iconic shopping bag that will stand by you from moving, to DIY, to laundry, and back again. Big enough to haul all sorts of odds and ends, and small enough to store nicely when not in use, its easier to haul than many moving boxes and won’t rip or tear, either.

Bonus: IKEA’s picking with delivery service

While you’re doing your pre-move IKEA run, you can actually completely eliminate that post-move visit, too! IKEA has a little-known service called “picking with delivery services.” It’s a little under $100 and can be done up to two weeks prior to your move. Just go up to an employee at an IKEA store and tell them what you want/need for your new space. They’ll order everything for you and then book home delivery service up to two weeks (14 days) in advance. You get a receipt (knowing what is in-stock). Just go to the registers with piece of paper—yes, you don’t even have to turn all the barcodes towards the register while you’re waiting in line!

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