This Is Why You Should Always Keep Your IKEA Receipt

published Mar 13, 2024
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If you’re terrible at keeping track of paper receipts like me, you’ve probably struggled to return and exchange items you’ve bought. When it comes to IKEA, this is definitely an issue, because despite their generous 365-day return policy, you do need a receipt to return that table! I recently discovered yet another IKEA secret that makes it even more essential to save your receipt, so I guess it’s time to start filing them away like my mom’s always told me to. 

You might know about Target’s price matching, but did you know IKEA has a price matching policy, too? IKEA’s doesn’t extend to competitors, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t useful. I found some chatter about it on TikTok, but everyone seemed to have different opinions on how many days it’s valid for and how it works, so I decided to dive in and do some research. 

Basically, if you buy anything from IKEA and the price drops within 14 days, you can show them your original receipt and get the difference refunded. If you sign up for an IKEA family card, you can extend this to 90 days, and bonus — you can save your purchase history for all items so you never have to search for a paper receipt again. Just make sure you scan your card for every purchase! Some items might have extra terms and conditions applied, so make sure to check on that before you head out to your local store. 

Keep in mind that your mileage may vary when it comes to this policy, depending on where you are. A Redditor in Britain was unable to get a price match, saying, “IKEA’s response was that the only way to benefit from the discounted price would be to return the entire order and then repurchase the items again. While this is an option, it seems like a considerable hassle and not very sustainable or efficient for either party involved.”

Another Redditor pointed out that IKEA’s customer service in the U.S. is helpful and likely to honor this, which is supported by another customer’s experience in this post. User @zacdelane managed to not only get his price match in the form of a gift card, but also got it over the phone without ever going to the store, stating “it was in the form of a refund/merchandise gift card. It was emailed to me the day after I chatted with them.” Because IKEA stores can be out of the way in many cities, this is an easy way to take advantage of the price match. 

IKEA is already very affordable, but on big-ticket items like couches and dining tables, this tip can be incredibly useful. Furniture can sometimes be time-sensitive, like when you need to furnish a new home, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to the price you bought it at! Happy shopping — and don’t forget to check out IKEA’s latest collection!