Is It Time to Move Out? Ask Yourself These 6 Questions to Find Out

published Aug 19, 2014
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You’ve tried so hard to spice up your rental but it’s just not quite doing the trick. Is it time to consider the horrible-of-all-horrible four letter words? Is it time to move? Answer these six questions to know for sure.

1. Are there things you hate that you can’t change?

There are lots of ways to change the aesthetics of your place, but some things just can’t be fixed. If your neighbors are making you miserable, you hate the lack of light or you just can’t stand the footprint of your pad, it’s time to resign yourself to the fact that there’s a move in your future. You’ll ultimately be so much happier if you cut your losses rather than spend every minute hating major things about your home.

2. Has your family outgrown the space?

Growing families only go one direction: bigger! If you’re busting at the seams of your current place, there’s no sense in putting off a move any longer. Start looking for a roomier pad.

3. Are you unhappy with the building’s management?

Bad management is always a deal breaker. No one should have to constantly worry about building safety or know that basic maintenance will always be a fight. The hassle of moving is nothing compared to the hassle of a badly managed building. Time to pack.

4. Is your commute killing you?

There’s no point in having an amazing apartment if you never get to spend time there. If a huge chunk of your life is spent in the car or on the train, then it might be time to consider moving closer to work.

5. Do you need a better neighborhood?

Many people search endlessly for the perfect apartment, but forget to fully investigate their potential new neighborhoods. A great apartment is only great if your neighborhood feels safe and gives you easy access to what you need. So it’s worth moving to live somewhere you want to spend your time.

6. Do you simply need a change?

If you’re itching to try something new, your apartment is not a bad place to start. The best way to meet new people and experience new neighborhoods is by fully immersing yourself and moving in. Easily moving is a perk of renting, so take advantage of that flexibility and try something new.

If you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of these questions, well, you know what to do. Sure, moving sucks, but the short-lived pain of packing will permanently cure the dull ache of being unhappy in your current place. Worth it!

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