This Ingenious $15 Organizing Find Will Add Much More Storage Space to Your Cabinets

published Sep 15, 2022
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With fall just around the corner, it’s likely that you’re going to be spending much more time in your kitchen making cozy recipes such as hearty stews, gooey cobblers, and more. Since you’ll already be cooking more often, why not take this time to reorganize your kitchen? You’ll finally be able to grab what you need in a pinch, which is crucial for stress-free cooking — especially when you’re in the middle of a recipe. That’s why we’ve rounded up tons of smart kitchen organizers, including countertop storage for making prep work easier and ingenious finds for storing cookware in the most efficient way possible.

But, if you’re really looking to create optimal kitchen storage space, look no further than our favorite cabinet organizers — particularly this Joseph Joseph CupboardStore Compact 3 Tier Shelf Organizer. The three-layered shelving unit is small enough to fit in any cabinet, yet has enough space to store your favorite spices and condiments. You can also use the handy drawer to keep any miscellaneous items neatly tucked away.

Anyone with cluttered cabinets knows that it can be a pain to find what you need while you’re busy cooking. This compact unit is your solution, thanks to the tiered shelves which help you see everything at once. Unlike othered tiered spice racks, this one takes advantage of the area underneath by turning it into a useful drawer for even more storage. It doesn’t waste an inch of space!

Coming in at just 4.25 inches tall and 6.75 inches wide, this cabinet organizer takes up minimal space in your home. Even the most cramped kitchens can easily accommodate this inside their cupboards (and actually increase storage). With over 1,300 five-star reviews, it’s clear that this Joseph Joseph organizer has seriously wowed customers.

One person calls it “organization heaven” after using it to free up tons of space, while another praises it for its compact size, which was capable of holding several items without taking over the whole cabinet.

While the top shelves are great for organizing spices, the bottom drawer has been a shockingly helpful addition for many reviewers. “Exactly what I needed! Fits into my not-too-tall shelf and carries seven spice jars and some pastes in its tiny drawer,” one customer writes. “Perfect for my coffee and tea … love that I can put all my Nespresso capsules in the drawer and my espresso and Tea containers on the shelves!” another says, including pictures of their at-home coffee and tea station setup. Others mention storing spice packets, loose tea bags, rubber bands, and more miscellaneous kitchen items that can otherwise be hard to store.

For a small upgrade in your cabinets that will make you feel much more organized the next time you reach for your spices or make a cup of coffee, this Joseph Joseph shelving unit is just what you need. And for less than $15, it’s hard to pass up!