This $7 Container Store Find Has Solved So Many Storage Problems in My Kitchen

published Nov 23, 2022
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We all know the Container Store is filled with nifty items to organize everything in every room in your home. You’ll find plenty of bins for organizing your pantry, a space-saving dish drying mat, OXO POP containers for storing baking supplies, drawer organizers for whipping your junk drawer into shape, wine racks, and so much more.

But the absolute best thing you can buy for your kitchen? That’s easy! It’s a versatile 3M Command hook: Specifically, the white “designer” ones.

Credit: Abigail Demarest

In case you didn’t know, there are many creative applications for Command hooks in the kitchen. You can use them to keep your garbage bag in place (no more digging your hand into broken eggshells and wet coffee grinds to find the drawstring), as a nifty DIY foil or parchment paper dispenser, or even as a way to store pot lids on a cabinet door.

I recently picked up the white designer hooks in two sizes: small and medium. Both packages came with four adhesive strips, so that you have replacements on hand should you decide to move the hook somewhere else or need to replace the strip.

The small hooks are said to hold up to one pound, while the medium hooks can hold up to three. There are also large designer hooks ($5.49 each) that can hold up to five pounds.   

For the small hooks, I was inspired by this Kitchn story to use them in my spice cabinet. One of my most-used items is a tamarind soup mix, which comes in a packet.

Credit: Abigail Demarest
A Command hook makes it easy to find opened packets.

Once open, I tend to keep the packet closed with a binder clip to keep the powder from spilling all over the place, but sometimes doing this can make the package hard to find. So, I mounted one of the small Command hooks to the door of my cabinet and hung the soup packets on the door with a binder clip.

Now, I don’t have to go digging through the cabinet to find these soup packets — they’re right there as soon as I open the door. This organizational hack can be used for any spice packets you have in your kitchen, or even yeast packets if you happen to be a baker.

For the medium hooks, I wanted to hang my OXO mesh strainer in a large cabinet filled with mixing bowls, salad bowls, and pots and pans. The strainer doesn’t stack well with the other items in the cabinet and often gets haphazardly thrown on top of everything. That’s where the hook comes in. I was hoping to hang the strainer by the small hole in the handle, but it was too deep for the Command hook.

Credit: Abigail Demarest

Instead, I decided to hang the strainer by the basket, which allows it to sit flat against the cabinet door. Given the shape of this particular Command hook, it’s best suited for hanging relatively flat items, such as measuring cups, measuring spoons on a ring, or even a cooling rack.

With these two small changes to my kitchen, it feels like huge organizational wins. Plus, it’s so easy and affordable, too.

How have you used Command hooks to organize your kitchen? Tell us about your project in the comments below.

This post originally ran on Kitchn. See it there: The $7 Container Store Find That Solves Countless Kitchen Storage Problems