This Compact $18 Organizer Doubled the Space in My Bathroom Cabinet

published Jun 6, 2024
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Living in a 489-square-foot studio definitely creates some challenges, but one place I consider myself extremely lucky in is my bathroom. For a studio apartment, my bathroom is actually pretty spacious — so much so, that I was actually able to add a small secondary cabinet in there for extra storage (you can read about that here). That being said, I’m still someone who is always looking for ways to maximize her space

Now, from the get-go, I knew I wanted to pick up some organizers for my cabinet, but I had one problem: The shelves in said cabinet are pretty short, which severely limits my options — or at least that’s what I thought. While scrolling through Amazon hoping to find a solution to my problem, I came across the LANDNEOO 2-Tier Cabinet Organizer. A tiered organizer designed specifically for small spaces? I truly felt like Goldilocks at that moment. 

What Is the LANDNEOO 2-Tier Cabinet Organizer?

At first glance, this organizer looks like your average tiered pick. However, a closer look reveals two smart features that make it a standout. First, this baby is tiny — compared to others, at least. Measuring in at 12.5″D x 8″W x 8.8″H, it’s pretty compact. In fact, outside of the bathroom, I could see this making a great countertop, kitchen cabinet, or fridge organizer! Second, this organizer may be small, but it’s also smart, thanks to its pull-out design and optional dividers. If a smart, small-space-friendly organizer is on your wish list, you truly can’t go wrong with this.   

Credit: Sarah Vazquez

Why I Love LANDNEOO 2-Tier Cabinet Organizer

Now, even though I checked the dimensions before placing my order, I was still nervous that this organizer wasn’t going to fit in my cabinet. But as I unboxed it, placed the dividers, and slid it into place, I knew I had made the perfect choice. For a little context, the cabinet I placed it in is where I keep my bulk bathroom essentials (think: extra toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, and extra skincare supplies). With this organizer, I decided to consolidate some boxes of feminine hygiene products, skincare masks, and a few skincare tools. Reader, I can’t tell you how shocked I was when I realized how much I could actually fit in this tiny wonder. By the time I was done transferring products to it, I had cleared more than half a shelf’s space of storage! Forget Goldilocks — this organizer left me feeling like Mary Poppins! 

You can get the LANDNEOO 2-Tier Cabinet Organizer for just $18 when you pick it up today. Looking for even more storage? You can also pick up a two-pack of these organizers for just $27! So what are you waiting for? Your space isn’t going to organize itself! 

Buy: LANDNEOO 2-Tier Cabinet Organizer, $17.99 (normally $19.99)